packing a beach bag in my new dining room

When I made the move to my new apartment this January, I was thrilled to finally have space for something that I hadn’t before… a dining room! As silly as that may sound, I never had a place to sit and enjoy a meal or invite others to gather since I used the teeny breakfast nook in my first apartment as my office.

Finally moving into a space that allowed room for a proper dining room felt almost like a coming of age experience. What has been even better, though, has been the process of decorating it and actually living in it. Today, I’m so excited to share how I have done both with two incredible brands (with even more incredible hearts behind them) I’m excited to introduce you to today… Wisteria and Cabana Life!


As a Dallas native, my mom and I have always loved wandering into the Wisteria store on Lovers Lane. Even before I moved into a place of my own, it was always my favorite showroom to wander through and dream about how I would decorate one day! Dallas ladies, if you haven’t made a trip there add it to your Saturday morning ASAP. (I find it’s best enjoyed with a Starbucks in hand, there’s one in the same shopping center!)

What I love about Wisteria’s designs is that they are fresh, beautiful and set at a more accessible price point than most design stores offer… aka perfect for anyone looking to add an instant lift to their home without breaking the bank. The store on Lovers Lane does a beautiful job displaying each piece in the most beautiful way, and you’ll find the staff to be so accommodating and gracious.

That’s actually how I was inspired to bring so much blue and white into my dining room! I had been going back and forth on what direction to take the space in. (Carry over the pink and white theme of the rest of my apartment into the dining area? Do something completely different?) Seeing how gorgeously the Wisteria team wove those two shades throughout their space made an instant impression on me. Classic blue and white for the win!

Since my dining area is on the smaller side, this see-through dining table was a perfect fit. Its translucent nature adds a modern feel while keeping the space from looking too cluttered and boxed off, while the classic chairs and beautiful ginger jar motifs add a sense of timelessness that I love!

Apart from the beautiful designs that Wisteria produces, I absolutely love the heart behind the brand. A quick click to the “about” page will show you just what I mean… Wisteria seeks to support many nonprofits that are making important differences across the world. (Including my favorite, Starfish Project!) I so admire companies who use their influence and resources to pour into worthwhile causes, and it’s one of the reasons I adore Wisteria so very much.

After finalizing the furnishings in my dining room came the best part… finally living in it! What a simple joy it’s been to have a place for morning coffee, mid-afternoon meetings and pizza dinners with my girlfriends.

One thing that’s made me laugh is how my experience growing up in my family’s home has shaped how I use and live in my own apartment now. Our dining room wasn’t just used for dinners in my family… it was where my sister and I did school projects (so much hot glue gun residue), played card games as a family, blew out birthday candles and so much more. And now, my dining room has turned into a catch-all as well!

One use it’s taken on as of late is that of a “packing station.” Does anyone else do this?  There’s something about a clutter-less, long table that makes the best space for planning out and packing up outfits… which brings me to the second brand I’m so excited to chat about today, Cabana Life.

Much like Wisteria, this is a brand that I love for so much more than the darling designs they produce. (And let me tell y’all, they are in fact, darling!) Cabana Life stands for something so important… sun safety. Specifically, sun protective clothing!

One of the founders of Cabana Life, Melissa Papock, was diagnosed with Melanoma at the age of 26. She then partnered with Alyssa Adams to spread awareness about proper UV protection while maintaining a sense of style. If “sun protective clothing” scared you off, just take a look at the pieces I’m packing up for a sunny getaway this weekend!

for covering up by the pool


for taking a walk down the beach


for dipping your toes in


for heading out to dinner


Cabana Life boasts a gorgeous collection of resort-ready wear to take you everywhere from the pool to dinner out on the town! The quality of these pieces is truly incredible… my jaw dropped when I opened my order! On top of that, each design has a UPF of 50+, which blocks out 98% of UVA and UVB rays and is the highest fabric rating available. (A normal shirt blocks approximately 7% of UVA and UVB rays… yikes.)

It’s safe to say that both Wisteria and Cabana Life are incredible companies with some incredible products, and I feel so honored to be partnering with them today! I’ve loved introducing both to you as we toured my dining room and packed up for my upcoming beach trip! Thank y’all so much for stopping by!

Love from Texas,


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  1. That swimsuit is so dang cute!! I love the colors!

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  2. Allie said:

    I love the blue and white, it’s so classic and lovely, especially the ginger jars! Thank you for sharing such wonderful brands, I’m checking them out now and everything is so pretty! xAllie

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  3. Emily said:

    What about the rug? Thanks!

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  4. Erica said:

    Where is the rug from!?!

    Published 4.5.18 · Reply
  5. Katie said:

    Your dining room is gorgeous Kate and I love all of those pieces for the beach!


    Published 4.7.18 · Reply