one stop shop

Yesterday, I had a love at first sight moment. Avery, the boy’s sister, came out in this gorgeous plum top while modeling her New Year’s Eve outfit, and I knew I had to grab it. Sure enough, we ended up at the Nordstrom in Charlotte (which is one of the best I’ve seen!) and I walked out a few minutes later with the same exact top. It was so easy to run in and grab it, that it got me thinking about how you could get a whole new years outfit in one stop! So I pulled together this fun little outfit that you can get all in one place – Nordys! It includes the new pair of booties I just got that I can’t wait to debut. Click directly on the images to shop, and have a fabulous New Years!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Dunia said:

    Very pretty! I like that shirt :)

    Published 12.30.14 · Reply
  2. I LOVE that skirt!

    Published 12.30.14 · Reply
  3. Katy said:

    Love this outfit!! Super cute bags! :)

    xo, Katy

    Published 1.2.15 · Reply