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While I’ve been an avid shopper of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for over four years now, I’ve never really taken an interest into the home department section until now! Correct me if I’m wrong… but I don’t even think this department was offered in the sale in years past. Over the past couple of years, however, Nordstrom has definitely been building up their selection of home goods. And let me tell you what, it’s time to get excited because this year, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 home decor selection is not to be missed!

Whether you’re furnishing a dorm room, an apartment or a home, I can promise you you’re going to be as wow’d by this year’s sale goodies as I am! You’ll find huge discounts on investment pieces like rugs and furniture, as well as sizable steals on lower-ticket items like decorative pillows and wall art.

I’m especially smitten with this gorgeous pink rug… have you ever seen anything so vibrant? When I moved into my first apartment over a year ago, I searched for months for a pink rug. Once I finally found the perfect piece (and bit the bullet on the higher price point) it pulled my entire space together. I’ve learned that investing in a few quality, highly visible pieces for your dorm/apartment/home is well worth the amount of personality and sense of “home” it brings to your space!

If you’re already set on all of the big stufff, you’ll love this year’s selection of wall art! For all of you fashion lovers, you’re going to love the Oliver Gal line of canvas prints. Nordstrom also has a great selection of gallery wall prints that take the guess-work (and tireless shopping!) out of putting your own gallery wall together.

I had so much fun putting this roundup together since everything was so darling! Definitely feeling inspired to add a few new touches to my apartment. Don’t forget, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 opens to the public on Friday, and the good news is that the home department hasn’t started selling out yet!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! My mom’s birthday is coming up and I think that throw would be a perfect gift.

    Published 7.18.17 · Reply
  2. Alyssa said:

    Buying this bar cart it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for & it’s a great deal! Thank you for putting this together!

    Published 7.18.17 · Reply
  3. Kari said:

    Great picks!
    Love that bar cart!
    xo. Kari

    Published 7.18.17 · Reply
  4. Rachael said:

    Thank you for this! You are literally the first person I’ve seen covering the sale to have compiled a home list. I almost forgot about checking out their home sale. Now I want everything you picked, it’s all so good!

    Published 7.18.17 · Reply
  5. That bar cart is so cool!! And I love that pink beach towel :)

    Published 7.18.17 · Reply
  6. kelsey said:

    I love all of these items and there are so many good deals!!
    Xo, Kelsey |

    Published 7.18.17 · Reply
  7. Ellese said:

    Really love your home decor picks!! That is a department I need to spend more time shifting through before Friday. That Chanel inspired painting is super cute! Thanks for sharing. XO, Ellese


    Published 7.19.17 · Reply
  8. I love the fashion style that was put together.

    Published 8.15.17 · Reply
  9. Summer McCormick said:

    Home sale is where it’s at! They have had it in previous years (and I only know this cus I’m obsessed with kitchen equipment) :)

    Published 6.28.18 · Reply