nordstrom anniversary sale guide

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Over the Knee Brown Boots   |   Grey Booties   |   Tan Booties   |   Red Fringe Heels   |   Pink Heels   |   Nude Rockstud Flats   |   Leopard Scalloped Flats   |   Gold Tory Burch Sandals   |   Gold Loafers   |   Black Quilted Tory Burch Boots   |   Black Tory Burch Boots   |   Hunter Rainboots   |   Tory Burch Wrap Bracelet   |   Monogram Necklace   |   Gold Confetti Earrings   |   Gold Kate Spade Watch   |   Amber Cuff   |   Blush Chloe Tote   |   Tan Tory Burch Purse   |   Off White Marc Jacobs Bag

Friends. The BEST sale of the year is here. This is not one to roll your eyes at and skate over… drop everything and go shop. Everything. Like, stop reading this post and shop. Because I kid you not, the hottest items will sell out by the end of the day… and the actual sale doesn’t even open to non-card-holders until July 17th! (If you don’t have a Nordstrom card, you’re not too late! Apply here.) I missed the boat last year and am still kicking myself over a fabulous pair of riding boots that sold out before I could get my hands on them. So be strategic and buy the big items you’re wanting this fall, because I guarantee you you won’t find them at this price again!

What am I getting, you ask? I’m heading straight for the over the knee boots, tory burch sandals and the leopard flats! Shoe addict much, Kate?


Love from Texas,


P.S. I just uploaded a new YouTube video reviewing the new Lilly Pulitzer Agendas, and I’m giving away a Jumbo Lilly Agenda! Watch the video here for all of the details.

UPDATE: I just pulled the trigger on the gold sandals (have been wanting a pair all summer!) AND… drumroll please… a style I never thought I’d ever own! View my snapstory (LonestarSnaps) to see which beaut made the cut. :)

Join in on the fun!


  1. Chottie said:

    Oh my gosh I’m loving your picks!! So cute! Thanks for sharing:)


    Published 7.9.15 · Reply