the shoes i’ve traveled the world in

One of the questions I most often receive is this… “I’m heading off to ___ soon, do you have a pair of comfortable shoes you’d recommend for traveling?”

If there’s one phrase that has always made me cringe, it’s “traveling shoes.” Perhaps it’s because visions of puffy, clunky velcro sandals and low-cut, lace-up boots (that provide lots of arch support and ankle protection, of course) come to mind. I mean… does any of that sound even remotely enticing?

Can we all agree that the struggle is all too real when trying to find shoes that are not only comfortable, versatile and easily-packable, but cute?! A pair you’d wear not only on trips but at home as well?!

Today, I’m so excited to share the pair of shoes I have literally traveled all over the world with. From Spain to Sweden, Mexico to Madrid, China to Chicago and back again, I was never without this pair of Ancient Greek Eleftheria sandals.

I purchased them this time last year as a part of the Shopbop sale, and once I saw that they were included in this year’s sale as well (in tan, black, and silver) I knew I had to let y’all in on this favorite purchase of mine! Here are a few pros and cons to fill you in on my best-kept secret.


  • STYLE // Because I’m so short, I always have a difficult time finding sandals that flatter and don’t overwhelm my frame. All it takes is a strap that’s a bit too thick or a buckle that cuts off my ankle for me to feel much shorter (and heavier!) than I am. That’s why I was immediately drawn to the subtle, streamlined style of these. The design is so delicate that the sandals almost fades into your foot, and provide the look of an “elongated” leg that I have absolutely loved.
  • COMFORT // When I initially purchased these, I was worried that the straps might rub. Oh y’all… I have been so pleasantly surprised! These sandals don’t have arch support or any type of padding, yet they are incredibly comfortable. The more I wore them, the more I realized I didn’t think twice about them when they were on! Soon enough, they became my go-to for everything from errands in my gym shorts to dressy dinners. I wore them all around Europe because I never once had an issue with them bugging me! Now, keep in mind, they don’t have arch support. If anything, my feet were tired after a long day of walking, but not sore from the shoes themselves at all!
  • LIGHTNESS // Want to know what makes an incredible travel shoe? A pair that is light and easy to pack! These, my friends, are about the lightest and most slender I own. They’re so easy to throw in a suitcase and take up hardly any space.
  • QUALITY // Take a look at the pictures above… those don’t even cover all of the times I wore these sandals over the course of last spring and summer! They went with me to over 5 different countries, on long walks all over the place, and have held up beautifully. No broken straps, no split soles, it’s truly a miracle. How is that even possible with how much I’ve put them through?!


  • TRACTION // Because of the leather soles, I have found these sandals to be slippery on smooth, non-textured surfaces. I nearly ate it in San Miguel, Mexico one afternoon while trying to navigate the rainy, smooth paver stones! Keep that in mind… they don’t provide a lot of (or any) traction.
  • COST // Let’s be real… $250 is a lot for a pair of shoes, let alone a pair of sandals! I know, I know. I seriously debated buying these because of that. But friends… I genuinely think they’re worth it. I wore them allllll last spring and summer, and will this year as well! The cost is definitely prohibitive, but the quality and comfort is really amazing. During the Shopbop sale, you can get them for up to 25% off (depending on how much you spend) with the code GOBIG18. That’s how I purchased them last year and would recommend taking advantage of that deal! The sale ends Saturday night, so I wouldn’t delay!


I found these to fit true to size. They’re offered in European sizing. My advice? Ignore the “3” and choose the size that corresponds to your American size. For example, I’m a size 7 and ordered a size “37.”

Safe to say, I recommend these sandals 1000% if you’re looking for a quality, comfortable shoe to take you anywhere and everywhere. I can’t wait to see where they take me this year!

Dying to have them? Shop them here. Let me know if you own them as well… I’d love to hear your experience!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Angela said:

    Those shoes are the perfect spring and summer shoes! They seriously look so great with any outfit!

    Angela | Cue the Coffee

    Published 3.1.18 · Reply
  2. thebestdealsclub said:

    Thinking these sandals are a must before the Shopbop sale ends tonight (shop more of my faves here!).

    Published 3.6.18 · Reply