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mb6mbpinmb1mb2mb4 mb8mb5mb3Monogrammed Weekender Duffle Bag (comes in six colors!)   |   Pink Coat (transition weather must have!)  |   Navy Striped Shirt  (old, similar here)   |   Tory Burch Floral White Wedges   |   J.Crew Toothpick Jeans   |   Leather Belt   |   Pearl Ring   |   Daniel Wellington Watch

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There’s nothing more chic than an impeccably-dressed traveler. Last spring, I’ll never forget the most simply dressed, gorgeous woman standing ahead of me in an airport just outside of Rome. Relaxed low chignon, structured black coat and perfectly proportioned booties. It was a vision, and no labels were in sight besides the exquisite grey Celine bag she carried with her. The crowning moment? When she placed her booties in the bin and I noticed a Chanel emblem on the heel. Such an impression. That has stuck with me, serving as a constant reminder that you shouldn’t leave impression-making up to flashy labels, and that often times subtlety speaks louder than the obvious.

I promise that long-winded tale ties in! You see, I’m off to… drumroll please… Paris for spring break this year! I still can not believe it, and to say I’m excited would be a complete understatement. The upcoming voyage has inspired me to think through building my own travel style – one that steers clear of leggings and oversized sweaters (guilty!). With my love for color and classic details, this soft pink coat proved to be just the anchor I needed. A classic navy striped top and white wedges made for the perfect additions, but I think the icing on the cake is my gorgeous monogrammed weekender duffle.

Personalized with a diamond monogram, complete with timeless navy detailing and roomy enough to stow away in, it has become my favorite travel accessory. Can you imagine how perfect it would be for summer trips to Seaside, Florida and weekend visits to the lake house? Cute enough to make a southern girl envy east coast sailing trips! I am so excited to partner with Personalized From Me To You to give away one of these gorgeous bags! To enter, follow the giveaway guidelines below. The giveaway will close on February 6, and the winner will be contacted shortly after. Best of luck!

Monogrammed Duffle Giveaway

Love from Texas,


P.S. If you have any travel tips on Paris whatsoever, I’d absolutely love to hear them! What to wear, where to eat, little spots to see, I’m all ears! This girl is trying to study up as much as she can. :)


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  1. Love that bag! And I’m so excited for you to visit Paris!! I visited two years ago for spring break and loved it! Definitely visit Sainte Chapelle- it’s often not on the “must see” list with the Eiffel Tower and Louvre but it is beautiful (just google image it!) It’s all stained glass inside and I loved it! Also making the trip out to Versailles is so so worth it.

    Published 1.30.15 · Reply
  2. That coat is stunning! Just got back from Paris in August and I can honestly say that it is my very favorite place! You must visit a famous tea room called Angelina’s for hot chocolate and their famous dessert called Monte Blanc. Also, all of the Paris high end shopping is over in the Ritz Carlton end of downtown Paris. Paris is such a gorgeous city!!!

    Published 1.30.15 · Reply
  3. Katy said:

    Love that coat! I’m so excited you’re going to Paris!! That sounds amazing, I’ve always wanted to go.

    Kate, what lens do you use?! Your photos are stunning!

    xo, Katy

    Published 1.30.15 · Reply
  4. Colleen said:

    Gorgeous! This is the perfect travel look!

    xoxo, colleen
    Pleather & Sparkles

    Published 1.30.15 · Reply
  5. Emma C. said:

    Paris!!! I’ve been once two years ago and it was the trip of a lifetime. Don’t forget to see the Eiffel Tower light up and sparkle at night which happens every hour after sunset and lasts for around 5-10 minutes. Also Montmartre Paris is a beautiful, quaint place to visit that is on a hillside in north Paris. The view from there is amazing! Have an AWESOME trip! P.S. I love the bag!

    Published 1.30.15 · Reply
  6. Natalia said:

    I have been un Paris twice, and after this two wonderful visits I still thinking that I have not seen enough Paris, so I would probably go again in a couple of months.
    One of the places I loved the most is (sorry Eiffel Tower) The Sacre Coeur. It really astonished me.
    Next to it there is a neighbourhood called Montmartre, which is really cute and beautiful, I strongly recomend to go there.
    I hope you like Paris, have fun!!
    I nearly forgot, beautiful outfit.

    Published 1.30.15 · Reply
  7. Ellen said:

    Ah! You are so lucky to be heading to Paris for spring break. I’m sure it will be an amazing trip. I need to take your advice and up my style game. I have a road trip today and I’m wearing a jersey tee and lululemon leggings…oops! Love your pink coat btw!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    Published 1.30.15 · Reply
  8. Catharine said:

    Such a gorgeous pink coat! And i’m totally jealous that you’re going to Paris, but i’m so excited to follow along with you! Go stalk, I’ve found a few bucket list spots for Paris from her

    Published 1.30.15 · Reply
  9. Samantha Findlay said:

    Went to Paris two years ago and you will love it!! Musee D’Orsay was my favorite museum, as well as Musee Rodin (that’s where the Thinker is). Also, try crepes, there a little stands all over the city and they are delicious!! Hope you have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures!!

    Published 1.30.15 · Reply
  10. Kendall said:

    Love this post! On my last trip to Paris I loved the Jewish quarter. It was less touristy than many of the other places I visited and had by far some of the best food of the visit. The Jewish bakeries are to die for and the falafel stands are amazing. This may be obvious, but be sure to visit Ladurée. It’s extremely touristy and typically has a line to get in (especially the store on the Champs-Elysée), but it’s worth it. If you do check it out I would 100% recommend eating at the restaurant or at least eating in the café area because their pastries and cakes are almost better than the trademark macarons. Bon Voyage! Paris is sure to be fantastic!

    Published 1.30.15 · Reply
  11. paris, how fun!! over my spring break when i studied abroad, my then-boyfriend now-huz came over to visit and we went to paris and it was seriously so magical! i hope you get great weather and if so my recommendation is just to walk everywhere!! the best part of paris in my opinion was that even the regular streets that weren’t even anything special were so full of charm, it was just picture perfect. then my second recommendation is to go to the top of the arc de triomphe, this is a must!! everyone always says to go to the top of the eiffel tower (and we did that too, it’s cool) but when you’re in the eiffel tower the city doesn’t look the same because it’s missing something (the tower of course!) so the top of the arc is incredible. plus, the city is situated around it so the view is just really cool and you aren’t so high that everything just looks mini.

    sorry for all that, but hope it helps! can’t wait to follow along on your travels!

    xo mary-katherine

    Published 1.31.15 · Reply
  12. You are going to LOVE Paris! I studied abroad there in 2011. I highly recommend Angelina Paris for the best hot chocolate of your life and an Instagram-worthy bakery. And visiting Sacré-Cœur is a must! The views are insane. Bon voyage!


    Published 2.3.15 · Reply
  13. Ella said:

    So exciting!! I went to Paris last summer, and had an absolute blast!! I would definitely recommend Montmartre, the 8th arrondissement, the macaron place Pierre Herme (We tried literally every macaron in Paris and these were the best!!), an ice cream store called Gelati d’Alberto that shapes their ice cream like flowers, and the BEST BOUTIQUE EVER, Anoki. Anoki sells the cutest, one of a kind premium leather bags, that are really, really gorgeous!! I also recommend setting up a bike tour. They are really laid back and easy, and great for the family. ;) Have fun and don’t forget to visit the Louvre, La Tour Eiffel, and the local bakeries!! P.S. wherever you stay, there should be a small market across the street. I highly suggest buying a baguette or two, and some brie cheese and either snacking on it in your room before heading out or while your touring!!! xoxo, Ella

    Published 2.8.15 · Reply
  14. clprice95 said:

    Eeeek! Paris is my favorite city in the whole wide world. I’m here studying and traveling until June. My only advice? Start your day early and do as much as possible. Buy a week long metro unlimited pass that way you can hit multiple areas of the city each day. The Eiffel Tower sparkles at night every hour on the hour, and it may just be the most breath taking thing. If you end up in the 12th Arrondissement during your stay, let me know and I can show you some cute coffee shops and bakeries! Prepare to eat your heart out for that whole week :)

    If you have any other questions, feel free to email me! [email protected]
    Bon Voyage!

    Published 2.9.15 · Reply