the lilly pulitzer after party sale is live!

Good morning, friends! Stop everything and click HERE to shop the Lilly Pulitzer Anniversary Sale! I’ll be documenting my experience below, and will update y’all with my favorite pieces when I get access to the sale! Be sure to let me know how it goes for you… best of luck!

9:11 am

New arrivals have hit the sale! And this isn’t a dinky “here are a couple new random things” new arrival…. this is haul-worthy, y’all. Just made my second order, and while I’m not spilling everything, I can tell you I got my hands on this dress! See my favorite new arrivals below, and head HERE to shop the sale!

9:03 am

Woohoo! I just checked out, and am so excited y’all. The sale was huge this year, and I found so many pieces in stock in my size! I’m saving my entire haul for a YouTube video, but I’m going to let you in on one of the purchases I made… this dress I’ve had my eye on for months! While waiting, check out some of my favorite sale items below! Next up, I’m going to upload all of the pieces I’ve worn currently that are on sale. Stay tuned!

Pieces I Own That Are On Sale

Click on the photo to shop the piece. Keep in mind you may be put in a waiting line for the sale!

Mays Top

Neri Crop Top & Short Set

Amelia Island Tunic

Fenella Ruffle Romper

Mansi Lace Matching Set

Owen Trapeze Dress

Ritz Strapless Romper

8:27 am

Update! The line is moving again… thank goodness! Now only 16 minutes to go!

8:15 am

Uh oh… after getting to #1513 in line with 10 minutes to go until my wait was through, the timeline has moved to “over an hour.” It doesn’t look like the line is moving… and after checking Twitter, it seems like others are having the same problem! The good news is, I’ve heard from quite a few that this year’s sale is huge. I’m crossing my fingers this kink gets worked out soon so we can all shop away!

6:20 am

Good morning, friends! Let me just say… this is one of the very few days out of the year that I don’t have to snooze my alarm. The moment it went off this morning, I jumped out of bed! It’s After Party Sale Day! I grabbed my daily cup of coffee (with two hazlenut creamers) and bowl of Raisin Bran, and am camped out in bed with my laptop waiting for the sale to begin. Who’s excited?!

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  1. Kristina said:

    Can’t wait for your YouTube haul! I waited in virtual line for a little over two hours but most items still had my size in stock (phew). It was a great sale as always.

    Published 8.28.17 · Reply
  2. Annie said:

    When you shop the Lilly sale, do you go to their website early when you wake up (like at 6am), or do you sit until exactly 8am to go to their site? I was curious because I got on at like 6:30am, and didn’t get into the sale until after 10! Just want to make sure I get it right for the next time!

    Published 8.28.17 · Reply
  3. Andra Skewes said:

    love the site but couldn’t find a place to subscribe –

    Published 8.28.17 · Reply