latest & greatest vol. 91

Here I am y’all… back with my first Latest and Greatest roundup since March! (Also… when the heck did it become May. Did anyone else seem to miss that?!)

We all know these past few months have been hard in a lot of different ways, and as I’ve sought to figure out what type of content to be sharing around here, I decided to take a bit of a pause from rounding up cute new arrivals on the web. My intention behind sharing fun finds has always been to hopefully inspire you rather than to push a sale on you, especially since “online window shopping” is one of my personal favorite ways to stay inspired. But with the odd climate, I wanted to stay away from making anyone feel like they needed something they didn’t.

As things have slowly started to feel more and more normal (although I know we have a long way to go) I’ve found myself virtually meandering through a few favorite websites and soaking in all of the fun spring and summer inspo. And so today, I wanted to share what I came across!

There are a lot of hard things going on, and I myself have been wading through them this week. I hope this roundup of cute new arrivals simply adds a bit of lighthearted brightness and normalcy to your day… nothing more!

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I really want to thank y’all for your support and flexibility as I navigate this season. In a livelihood maintained in large part by online sale commissions, I’ve grappled with how to carry on in the middle of everything going on. While I certainly don’t think I’ve gotten it right 100% of the time, I hope I’ve walked the delicate line of creating uplifting and appropriate content while adding some positivity and a few pretty things to your day!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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  1. That white peplum top is so sweet!

    Published 5.9.20 · Reply