latest & greatest vol. 67

This week, Dallas got the teeniest tiniest hint of fall. A few drizzly days coupled with temps under 90 had me lighting fall candles and buying all things pumpkin-flavored! And I’m not mad about it. :)

Another thing that’s getting me into an autumn state of mind? My upcoming trip to Colorado with my mom this coming Monday! I’m itching to get some fall inspiration up here for y’all, but there’s something about shooting in the 100 degree Dallas weather that just puts a damper on that. Even though Colorado won’t be “cold” yet, I’m packing up lots of scarves and boots and am so excited for a change of scenery!

This weekend also has me so excited. Andrew and I, along with some of our best friends, are headed to his family ranch. This was my favorite thing to do last fall, and so I’m looking forward to ramping up the tradition again! One of my favorite parts is planning for the meals… haha! :) There’s something about a massive grocery run to Central Market that I love! Excuse me, going to clear out the Sister Schubert sausage roll aisle real quick…

Whatever y’all are up to, I hope it’s fun this weekend! Can’t wait to see you back here on Monday!

Love from Texas,


P.S. I just got these boots in the mail (in the color tan) and I am SO OBSESSED! I haven’t been this excited about a pair of shoes in a while!

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  1. Jessica said:

    I can’t click the Halloween costume to shop. Can you please tell me how to find it?
    Congratulations on your new engagement! I look forward to seeing your posts on married life!

    Published 9.20.18 · Reply