key lime

This is just my opinion, but I believe that many important life lessons can be derived from desserts. Granted, many important life lessons can be learned from wretched, undesirable things as well (like mayonnaise) but today we’re sticking with deserts. Key lime pie, to be exact, and the lesson it teaches us about clothing.

Think about a piece of key lime pie. What first stands out to you? For me, it’s the color. That frosty, pale green beckons with a force I’m not equipped to say no to.

preppy, southern, fashion, style, sororityLo and behold, that’s exactly the first thing that stuck out to me about this dress by Darling Clothes. What a unique, fresh color! The color is what catches the eye, but there’s much more to it when it comes to why this dress is so delectable.
preppy, southern, fashion, style, sororityBack again to your imaginary piece of key lime pie. It’s not only the color of the filling that makes it so wonderful, right? In fact, if you handed that stuff to me on a plate, I would probably mistake it for nursing home jello and run away.
preppy, southern, fashion, style, sororityBecause see? It’s the details that make the key lime pie, well, key lime pie, like the perfectly-crumbly graham cracker crust and fresh, fluffy whipped cream. Not just the color.
preppy, southern, fashion, style, sororityIn the same way, it’s not just the color that makes this dress such a knockout. Any designer/retailer could (and often does) douse a cheap-looking, detail-lacking number in a bright, trendy color or pattern, cram it into their stores, and tell you it’s in style.
preppy, southern, fashion, style, sororityNo thank you. I think I’ll hold out for the real deal before I go off spending my calories (money) on green goop.

preppy, southern, fashion, style, sororityIt’s the detail in the illusion top cascading into a thick cotton lace overlay and the complimenting pleats giving the skirt swish and sway (never underestimate the power of swish and sway) that make it truly unique and exceptionally sweet.
preppy, southern, fashion, style, sorority The temptation to settle for the sake of a trendy color always gets me, but this frock reminds me to hold off from the cheap fabrics, overly-simplistic and overly-copied patterns, and to wait for something truly… yummy.
preppy, southern, fashion, style, sororityDress (out of stock, but crushing over these similar Darling items: dress,  top, dress)  |  Gold & Gray Tassel Bracelets  |  Wedges (old, similar here)

More key lime pieces I’m loving:

And now stomach is telling me the same thing. Dessert for lunch, anyone?

I hope your week is involving lots of desserty things! Mine has included a wonderful week of interning, a few hundred popsicles, and dinner with my fairy godmother who inspired my key lime pie ramble. :)

If you missed the post on Monday, I made a little video about fun beachy things that I hope you’ll enjoy. I’ll be posting another tomorrow!

Now for that piece of pie!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Rebecca said:

    I love this dress. Great color for summer!!

    Published 5.29.14 · Reply
  2. Katy said:

    This is the cutest dress!! I love the color, it looks pretty on you! xo

    Published 5.29.14 · Reply
  3. Meggie said:

    I love this maxi! The color is stunning. And I couldn’t agree with you more about quality- I love how you related it to deserts! I’d rather have quality clothing (and deserts!) than goop as well haha :)

    Published 5.29.14 · Reply
  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your videos! You are just the cutest, loving that dress!

    Published 5.29.14 · Reply
  5. The most beautiful yellow dress I’ve ever EVER seen!!!!

    Published 5.29.14 · Reply
  6. Courtney said:

    This maxi is beautiful!


    Published 5.29.14 · Reply
  7. Kate, THIS is your color! It looks great on you! And the details of the dress are just fabulous.

    Published 5.29.14 · Reply
  8. Courtney said:

    Love that dress, the color is gorgeous! :)

    Published 5.29.14 · Reply
  9. wow that dress is truly a dream and you look STUNNING!!!

    and now i want dessert.

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover

    Published 5.29.14 · Reply
  10. Kari said:

    This is the cutest look ever! You are always adorable but this the best! I am in a wedding with similar color for bridesmaid dresses… Would you tell me your eye makeup in the post! It would be perfect!!!

    Published 6.4.14 · Reply