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Is there anything like a game-changing pair of heels? Nothing, and I mean nothing, can get me to drop what I’m doing and dance quite like an exceptionally fabulous pair of shoes.

(The one exception to that statement is an impeccably timed “Fergalicious” sing along, but besides that, absolutely nothing.)

You know, the pair you rip out of the box the second you get home and spend the next three hours in while doing laundry and cleaning the house? The pair that will stick around in your closet long enough to see a second generation take photos of them in diapers? The pair that doesn’t just “complete” an outfit because they are the outfit?

Meet mine… the Honey by Kate Spade. In the most ravishing snake skin, complete with a perfectly chunked heel (I die) and delicate straps, they are a timeless pair I know will be getting plenty of wear in the months and years to come.

The print is definitely a fun one, but it’s neutral black and beige essentially make the shoes a neutral! AKA there’s so much you can wear them with. Fringe seemed to fit the bill on the dancing front, but imagine how darling they would look with a hot pink cocktail dress, these jeans and a silky button down or a white skirt paired with a sleek black top!

I’ve come to find that Kate Spade shoes come embedded with an infectious dose of personality – a certain cheekiness and spunk that gives them a life of their own. And while yes, I’m partial to the Honey heels (did I mention they’re on sale?!), I think you’ll also love the leopard Sonia booties, the embellished Bia Too heels, and the chic Clove flats. All darling things that will have you dancing the night (or mid-Sunday afternoon in pajamas, let’s be real) away!

Love from Texas,


Photography by Stephanie Drenka

Thank you, Kate Spade, for sponsoring this post!

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  1. I’ve been wanting a pair of Kate Spade shoes for awhile! I don’t have any snakeskin shoes and I love a good chunky heel so these might be the winner!



    Published 9.29.15 · Reply
  2. I love this outfit of yours!! That fringe skirt is gorgeous, the best fringe piece I have seen this season, and the shoes look gorgeous with it :)

    Published 9.29.15 · Reply
  3. Love this entire outfit and those shoes definitely have a lot of personality. I love how you paired them with the fringe skirt, great look!


    Published 9.29.15 · Reply
  4. Oh my f** gosh. This is the most adorable look I’ve seen for while.
    I totally fall in love with your fringe skirt, it is so damn hot.. :)

    xx Alexa

    Published 9.29.15 · Reply
  5. Those shoes are amazing! How fun :)

    xx Kathryn

    Published 9.29.15 · Reply
  6. Grace Catherine said:

    Your make-up here is so lovely!! And yes, those shoes are really fun.

    Published 9.29.15 · Reply
  7. nadin said:
    Published 9.29.15 · Reply
  8. Aubrey said:

    Love the suede! So cute.

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

    Published 9.29.15 · Reply
  9. Kyra McDonough said:

    I love your hair! How do you style it like that?

    Published 9.29.15 · Reply
    • Alexandra said:

      Please do a tutorial for your everyday hair! I need recommendations for a new curler!

      Published 9.30.15 · Reply
  10. I’ve been eyeing these shoes like crazy!!! They look adorable with your outfit! May have to pull the trigger.


    Published 9.29.15 · Reply
  11. Kelly K said:

    LOVE those shoes! Such a fun addition to the outfit! The whole look is adorable.


    Published 9.29.15 · Reply
  12. I love how uniquely styled this look is! Super adorable!

    The Teacup of Style

    Published 9.30.15 · Reply
  13. lol

    Published 9.30.15 · Reply
  14. Kate said:

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    Published 9.2.20 · Reply