the black boots

jeffrey campbell hanger bootiesblonchampdark-19jeffrey campbell hanger bootiesblonchampdark-3blonchampdark-21blonchampdark-2

BOOTIES   block heel booties   |   SWEATER   oversized grey sweater   |   JEANS   black ankle jeans   |   BAG   longchamp tote (great Christmas gift idea!)   |   GLASSES   warby parker frames

I’m chuckling to myself a little bit about this look. (Also, side note, how weird of a word is chuckle?!) Y’all know me, and you know you can almost always find me in bright colors and feminine silhouettes! But winter does something to a gal and on rainy, cold days… sometimes you’ve got to take a walk on the dark side.

As it turns out, it’s pretty fun! *insert sly face emoji here*

The piece I really want to highlight out of this ensemble are these amazing booties, the Hanger Leather booties by Jeffrey Campbell. I actually purchased these last winter after… wait for it… seeing them on a girl at the mall. I kid you not, I immediately went home and scoured the web until I found them!

I can’t think of a better way to describe them than cool. They are just so cool. That block heel, y’all. I adore them!

It felt fitting to play up the “edge” of the booties with black jeans, a black longchamp, an oversized sweater and everyone’s favorite, the messy bun. Definitely a laid-back, easy ensemble that looks effortlessly chic.

I’m so curious as to what y’all think about this look since it’s a little different from my norm. I’d love to hear in the comments!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Elle said:

    Such an adorable look!
    xo elle //

    Published 12.7.16 · Reply
  2. Rachel said:

    Totally obsessing over this look! You look gorgeous!

    Rachel /

    Published 12.7.16 · Reply
  3. Marta said:

    I love that outfit! I’m just like you, I can be very colourful and feminine but sometimes I just feel like being edgy and dark. It’s like there’s two different people inside of me.

    Published 12.7.16 · Reply
  4. Kristen said:

    SO very cute, love it! And I love that your hair is so simple with the outfit as well.

    Published 12.7.16 · Reply
  5. Before I even read the last line – I wanted to let you know how OBSESSED I am with this look! I love minimalist vibes so this outfit is really “speaking” to me ;)

    How 2 Wear It []

    Published 12.7.16 · Reply
  6. Brittany said:

    I really like it!

    Published 12.7.16 · Reply
  7. mariah said:

    You look so chic!

    Published 12.8.16 · Reply
  8. Jessica said:

    At first, I didn’t recognize you. I like those boots. You look so different.

    Published 12.12.16 · Reply
  9. I love how hipster and edgy this look is, you really switched things up on us…and I loved it!
    This is one of the things that keeps me coming back to Lonestar Southern over and over again, you never know what you’re going to find, you just know it’s going to be great!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

    Published 12.28.16 · Reply