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BOOTS   red hunter boots c/0   |   TOP   striped pullover   |   JEANS   white toothpick jeans   |   BAG   chloe mini marcie bag (available in 10 colors, including pink)   |   EARRINGS   pearl studs

You know the one thing I love about Hunter rain boots? They simply don’t go out of style. Spring, summer, fall, winter, you can wear them year-round without having to think twice! The second thing I love about them? The myriad of color options allows you to cater to any look. A pop of pink for a rainy spring day, classic navy gloss for fall ensembles, and my absolute favorite… red!

I snatched up these red beauties in December, and really don’t know why I didn’t own a pair sooner than that! There’s something about them that just puts a smile on my face. I love how the red brings an element of fun and levity to any outfit, like the one I’m wearing today! After coming across this incredibly cozy striped pullover, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with a navy and red combination. Bright and slightly nautical, this is one look I intend to wear again and again throughout the rainy months of early spring!

If you don’t have a pair for spring yet, let me tell you… I can’t recommend them highly enough! Plus, Hunter has tons of cute colors right now. I’m especially smitten with this powder blue, this pink and this succulent green! Word to the wise, the I’ve found the Hunter site has the best selection of colors and sizes, not to mention sale colors!

A couple tips about shopping for Hunter boots. When it comes to sizing, size a half-size down if you’re in between sizes. (For example, I normally wear a 7.5 but I wear a 7 in Hunter boots.) Secondly, after you wear your boots for a while you may notice white residue begin to appear! Don’t fret, like I did when I first saw this. A quick Google search informed me that dabbing a little olive oil on a paper towel wipes it away!

Love from Texas,


Photography by Angie Garcia

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  1. Sophie said:

    I love the sweater.

    Published 1.26.17 · Reply
  2. Tori said:

    Does the sweater fit true to size? So cute!

    Published 1.26.17 · Reply
  3. Kristen said:

    So good to know about the olive oil trick, I will definitely be trying that with mine! Thank you!!

    Published 1.26.17 · Reply
  4. Mariah said:

    You’re totally right! Hunter’s are a great year round item. They are just so great!

    Published 1.26.17 · Reply
  5. OMG! This look is so amazing! Love the combination of the Chloe bag and the stunning Hunter boots!

    Published 1.27.17 · Reply
  6. Liv said:

    Hi Kate, the sweater looks adorable on you!!! And I have been eyeing it for quiet some time! Would you say it’s a good purchase, because I read multiple negative reviews on Nordstrom about it

    Published 1.31.17 · Reply
  7. Katie said:

    This look is so cute, Kate- I love your sweater and the pop of red from your boots and bag!


    Published 2.4.17 · Reply
  8. Emily said:

    Hey there, loved all the photos of you wearing the Hunters btw, they really do suit you I cannot lie, I saw you gave some good points of advice about sizing of Hunter boots and what to choose, I must ask you a question: Some people are divided on this question but have you ever had any trouble taking of Hunter boots before? Because I’m sort of on the fence with this whole debate over the last few because sometimes it’s no problem whatsoever and other times they have been hard to take off and I’ve needed my trusty boot jack or my boyfriend to help me pull them off. Would like to know back from you and have a great summer :)

    Published 5.12.22 · Reply