My Sophomore Sanctuary

I don’t know about you, but environments completely shape my mood. The more light, airy and spacious the environment, the happier, calmer, and more optimistic I feel.

So it became me and my mother’s summer project to make my room (of the apartment I got to live in with 6 best friends!) more of a page out of Southern Living rather than a windowless cage. In order to make my roommate (Olivia) and I’s space livable, we focused on two main objectives: light and color.

The ending result was a room that oozed warmth and light, and plenty of preppy. But enough talk, here’s the result!

We wanted more warmth than the beige walls were offering. So we picked out a coral suzani fabric and painstakingly staple-gunned it to an accent wall. While the process was tricky, the result was well worth it!


I kept my bedding simple and used some cute pillows to give it a cozy feel.


The cool mint of the duvet color balanced the brightness of our wall fabric perfectly.


I honestly don’t understand how my mama actually knows how to do everything in the universe. She made the darling blue suzani pillow, my absolute favorite of the bunch, along with the pink coral sham hiding in the background.


My sweet big let me use her headboard for the year. It turned out to be just as functional as it was adorable!


I filled it with a few of my very favorite things:

Room 5

A handful of favorite photographs, and a little book that reminds me of what is important.


A few favorite reads with some favorite people in my favorite place. (Can you guess where?)


And my bible, journal, and a picture of me and the sis.


I absolutely love pictures, and didn’t feel satisfied with only two or three adorning my headboard. So I made a huge collage of my favorite photos from the previous year, and hung it above my bed.


This turned out to be my favorite part of my room. It was so fun to spend a few minutes here and there looking over all of the sweet faces it held.


At the foot of my bed, we set up a desk, which was also graciously gifted from the big. (Can you already tell she’s the BEST?)


I used this desk for just about everything:



Room 14

Essie Altar

Room 11

Bauble Vanity

Room 12

Cosmetic Counter

Room 17

Movie Stash

Room 13

My little room turned out to be a lovely residence for my sophomore year. I already miss it!

What are your favorite decorating tips for small spaces? How do your incorporate your own style into where you live? I always love hearing new ideas!

Join in on the fun!


  1. Makayla C. said:

    Your room is absolutely adorable! Where did you get your bed spread?

    Published 7.7.13 · Reply
    • Thank you so much Makayla! I got it a couple years ago at Urban Outfitters! I bought the full instead of twin size to make it more cozy! :)

      Published 7.7.13 · Reply
  2. Amanda said:

    Hi Kate,

    Where did you go to get your coral accent wall? I’m not aloud to paint in my apartment, so I thought I could pin up some fabric in my bedroom to make a cute accent wall.


    Published 1.19.14 · Reply