home sweet (finally) home // we are moving!

If you can’t tell from the title of today’s blog post… I have some big, big news to share!

Andrew and I are absolutely giddy, emotional, and deeply grateful to share that after four years away, this summer we will be moving back to our hometown of Dallas, Texas. For good!

Over the past three and a half years, our little family has lived in three different states, all while navigating a global pandemic and adding members (Hi Flynn! Hi Padgitt!) along the way. The past few years have been an adventure, to say the least, holding both hills and valleys… plenty of fun and joy, and also the unique challenges that accompany the residency and fellowship journey. It feels surreal to nearly be at the finish line knowing that we will be heading “home” for good and without another move on the horizon. Thank you, Lord!

Andrew will complete his cornea fellowship in Ophthalmology this summer and has accepted a position in Dallas that will begin shortly thereafter. It was always our collective dream to one day move back to Dallas near both sides of our family and many friends, and we feel incredibly grateful that the Lord is leading us back to this special place!

And now for the second part of this update…

illustration by Evelyn Henson

A new (to us) home!

After Andrew’s job was solidified, it didn’t take long before we were casually browsing the Dallas real estate market, having no real plans to start seriously looking until the new year. On a fateful trip back home, however, that changed very quickly! We drove past a “for sale” sign that stopped us in our tracks and, long story short, ended up putting in an offer on a little 1950s ranch-style home just blocks away from both of our families. In a story that has no other explanation than being orchestrated by the Lord, our offer was accepted!

From the moment I stepped into this house, I knew it could be something very special. It was clear that it needed a bit of love, but all of the “big stuff” was there. The layout! The natural light! The yard! And best of all… all on a block that serendipitously houses a few friends and young families. I feel so lucky to have found an incredible contractor who is currently walking us through the renovation process and I’m already seeing it come together. (More on that, soon!)

I promise to share all of the fun details of our first home renovation project, and already can’t wait to take y’all along for this crazy ride. I am so thankful for those of you who have cheered me on throughout so many big life moments (graduating college, finding my first apartment, meeting Andrew, and so on and so forth), and couldn’t be more thrilled to step into this next chapter.

Luckily, we still have a few months to soak in the beauty of North Carolina. We have fallen in love with this state and as excited as I am to get back to Texas, I’m thankful for a bit more time here! So don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere yet.

But pretty soon, watch out. I’ll be signing off with “Love from the Lonestar State” again! :)



Join in on the fun!


  1. Christina N. said:

    This is fantastic news and I’m sure your families are THRILLED!!! AND, how amazing that you’re able to work on renovations before moving in! That in itself is a HUGE deal! I love Dallas… enjoy your time in N Carolina….

    Published 12.8.22 · Reply
  2. Maureen said:

    So excited for your family!!

    Published 12.8.22 · Reply
  3. Ellen Vance said:

    God is good and I couldn’t be happier for y’all! It’s so wonderful to be living close to family especially while you are raising your family. xoxo

    Published 12.8.22 · Reply
  4. Jennifer said:

    What an incredible blessing! The Lord is faithful and His timing is always perfect! So thrilled for you, Andrew, Padgett and Flynn! Such a blessing to be near family!!! Congratulations!! 🎉

    Published 12.8.22 · Reply
  5. Monty said:

    Couldn’t be more excited for you for all of you!! It’s like you’ve been expats and are returning from your years abroad. We loved having you here in Gainesville and I know my former neighbors and friends loved having you in Cary as well. You adapt and adjust so easily and quickly that before you know it you’ll be reestablishing your lives as a family in Dallas for years to come. Your house looks adorable. Can’t wait to see pictures of your renovation journey!! Congratulations Kate!!!

    Published 12.8.22 · Reply
  6. Kelly said:

    AHHHH!!! Just tears of joy seeing the ‘signing off from the Lonestar State.” Oh Kate this is such an answered prayer and a testament to God’s faithfulness. I am so thrilled and excited for you and your family!

    Published 12.8.22 · Reply
  7. Whisper said:

    How exciting!!! What a wonderful thing to be home again!!! God Bless

    Published 12.8.22 · Reply
  8. Amanda Leigh said:

    Amazing!!! Congratulations to you and your sweet little family on the upcoming move, new home, and most of all- staying put near both of your families for good! God is certainly good, all the time. There’s nothing quite like having your children be near loving family and watching everyone enjoy their lives together. Such a sweet time.

    Published 12.8.22 · Reply
  9. Liz P. said:

    That’s so wonderful. It’s great to return to your hometown and live near family and friends. You have such a natural gift for writing and you also set such a great example of giving all praise, honor, glory and thanks to God. It’s always fun to read your blog.

    Published 12.8.22 · Reply
  10. Marie P. said:

    Great news for you and your family for the new year!! Congrats!

    Published 12.8.22 · Reply
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    Published 12.12.22 · Reply
  12. Claudia said:

    So so happy for you! The Lord is so perfect in how He provides exactly what we need.

    Published 2.19.23 · Reply
  13. Kara Shriver said:


    Published 2.24.23 · Reply
  14. Bike Race said:

    What a wonderful blessing! The Lord is trustworthy, and His timing is always impeccable!

    Published 3.6.23 · Reply
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    Published 3.29.23 · Reply
  16. MarkNeil said:

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    Published 3.31.23 · Reply
  17. Alexis said:

    Everything pointed in the same direction to Dallas with the new job, your families and a home! Congratulations and stay safe from Keychain Store!

    Published 5.9.23 · Reply
  18. Anne said:

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    Published 6.22.23 · Reply
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  20. usman said:

    Congratulations on your new home.

    Published 11.15.23 · Reply
  21. moto x3m said:

    Your home is so beautiful

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  28. Umer Ali said:

    Congratulations, Andrew and family! What a thrilling journey you’ve had, filled with both challenges and joys. Moving back to your hometown of Dallas must feel like a beautiful full circle moment, especially after all the adventures and growth you’ve experienced in the past few years. Wishing you all the best as Andrew completes his cornea fellowship and begins his new position. Here’s to the next chapter in your lives back in your beloved Dallas! Cheers to new beginnings!

    Published 5.5.24 · Reply