wedding wednesday no. 11 // honeymoon vibes

Now, now… you didn’t think I had forgotten about Wedding Wednesday, did you?! My favorite post of the week is back, and today I’m sharing something a little different! Cute honeymoon clothing inspiration!

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I know it sounds absurd, but now that the holidays are behind us, June feels so much closer! After taking a few weeks “off” from planning during the holidays, we’ve kicked things back into high gear, and so when things start feeling overwhelming, I find myself thinking about the “light” at the end of the tunnel… the honeymoon!

Now, let me clarify. The light and tunnel analogy doesn’t really apply to wedding planning. The whole thing is fun after all! But it’s so nice to think past the day itself, and that, coupled with the fact that I’m already itching for spring, has me dreaming all things tropical!

Andrew is keeping the actual location of our honeymoon a secret, which I think is so fun. (He’s a big-time planner and I’m pretty spontaneous, so he loves planning surprises and I don’t hate it! :) The one hint he has given me, though, is that we’re headed somewhere with a beach. That’s all I’ve needed to begin the honeymoon attire hunt!

I’ve spent the past few days looking at all of the new swim/dress/sandal/sunglasses arrivals and y’all… things are shaping up to be a gorgeous spring. There are already so many pieces I have my eye on! I can’t get this colorful bikini out of my head. Don’t you love how happy it is? And I am goo-goo eyes over this dress. I own a similar one in orange that I wore for Thanksgiving. It’s such a unique and flattering cut! Here are a few other summery pieces I’m loving…

I haven’t pulled the trigger on anything yet, but am saving my very favorites to a folder and am waiting for them to go on sale. (Shopbop usually has an amazing site-wide sale in March/April.) I’d love to be all packed and ready for the honeymoon a month before the wedding just so I don’t have to think about it during crunch time!

So whether you have an upcoming honeymoon of your own, or are headed somewhere sunny for spring break, I hope you enjoy these major honeymoon vibes! :)

If you have been on your honeymoon, I’d love love love any tips on what to pack! Especially for traveling to somewhere beachy.

Love from Texas,


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  1. Hannah said:

    These are adorable! I just love the surprise element! The best piece of honeymoon packing advice I received a couple years ago was to think about sticking to a general color scheme, with a few fun contrasting pieces thrown in. It helped me stick to my favorite shades and ensure that everything would match, while still having fun with a couple standout dresses/sets. Hope y’all have the best time in this engagement journey — as a newlywed-ish myself, I promise that it only gets better from here!

    Published 1.9.19 · Reply
  2. Holly said:

    So exciting! Definitely make sure you bring nice outfits for dinner each night and most importantly make a tropical-friendly plan for your hair! I was so glad for my curling wand and salt spray because a straightener just wasn’t going to cut it!

    Published 1.9.19 · Reply
  3. Gemma said:

    We had our wedding in October of last year and we are heading on honeymoon next month! We are coming to Dallas and I am so excited to finally visit. Although I hear it wont be much warmer than here in the UK I’ve loved picking out items (and a new suitcase) especially for this once in a lifetime trip! The few months on the lead up to the wedding go so fast so smart move packing for honeymoon in advance. Best wishes xx

    Published 1.10.19 · Reply