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MONOGRAMMED TOTE   st. anne tote   |   AXIS SPOTTED TOTE   st. charles yacht tote   |   NOTEBOOK   noteworthy monogrammed notebook   |   JACKET   Barbour Beadnell jacket (wearing size 4)   |   SWEATER   camel crewneck sweater   |   SKIRT   green corduroy skirt   |   BOOTS   brown leather riding boots   |   BELT   hermés belt   |   BRACELET   David Yurman bracelet   |   EARRINGS   pearl studs

If you’ve been visiting Lonestar Southern for a while now, odds are you are well aware of my long-time obsession with the personalized bag and accessories line, Barrington Gifts! On my recent trip to Washington, D.C., I packed up a few of their fall pieces and I’m so excited to share them with you today!

The St. Charles Yacht Tote

While I have owned many different Barrington pieces, this is my first yacht tote! And friends… let me just say, I’m obsessed. This size of this bag is perfect for a carry on (how I used it on my trip to D.C.), a weekend trip to the ranch, a picknick or a beach bag! It’s lightweight, durable, and as always, customizable. And let me just say… it looks oh-so-cute paired with my St. Anne Axis Tote!

The St. Anne Tote

You know my obsession with the classic St. Anne Tote! I own it in over five different patterns and always reach for it when I’m heading out the door. This darling monogrammed bee version has been my go-to this fall. It gets compliments wherever I go! I received my first St. Anne tote over four years ago, and to this day it has held up and broken in beautifully. This would make a perfect gift for the busy mama on the go or girl about town!

The Noteworthy Book Jacket

After falling in love with the all of the bag and tote styles Barrington carries, it’s no surprise that I’m newly-enchanted with their smaller accessories as well! This notebook is such a beautiful piece. I use it for to-do lists and notes that pop into my head throughout the day. It could easily be used for a journal as well! If only I had had these when I was a student… add to your list for gorgeous graduation gift ideas!

I’ll leave you with the same thing I tell everyone I run into around Dallas who asks about Barrington… I couldn’t love these products or this company more! With Christmas around the corner, keep these on your shortlist for beautiful, personalized gifts that are timeless, useful, and last! Perfect for any age and any style, you’re going to love Barrington as much as I do. That’s a promise!

Love from Texas,



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  1. Allie said:

    I love these pieces! The notebook is the perfect accessory for a compulsive list maker like myself! And I love how customizable they are – I feel like totes can feel very generic but these aren’t at all. xxAllie

    Published 10.30.17 · Reply
  2. Debbie F said:

    Did you feel the St. Charles Tote was too large or was it a good size for an airplane carry-on bag?

    Published 4.28.18 · Reply
  3. Debbie F said:

    Great review! Do you think the St. Anne or the St. Charles would be better for a carry on bag?

    Published 4.29.18 · Reply