coffee date no. 6

What an absolute whirlwind this summer has been! I think it hit me this Saturday during all of the July 4th festivities… it’s. already. July. I shouldn’t be surprised – it seems like summer always goes by a little too quickly, but nonetheless I’m looking back on these past couple of months in complete awe. So much has happened!

You’ve already been brought up to speed on the early June cruise (if not, you can read the recap here) so I thought I’d pick up shortly after and breeze through these past few weeks with the help of a few pictures. So happy to have you back for another coffee date!

We’ll begin with an every-day photo of no special day in particular because it’s safe to say most days this summer have been defined by denim cut-offs and caramel frappuccinos. There are worse things, right?IR13ShopThePostIcon


In mid-June, I had the chance to visit some friends summering in Washington, D.C. with my gal pal Julie! What a treat. Here was the super comfortable but still put together look I wore for the plane ride there! This tee is definitely a summer favorite, and comes in six adorable colors. I’m in an XS!IR11ShopThePostIcon


We spent the long weekend exploring Georgetown (this photo is in front of the darling Kate Spade store there), visiting museums (the Newseum was a group favorite!) and eating FAR too much. We loved our delicious final dinner at Farmers, Fishers, Bakers. I can’t recommend it enough if you’re making the trip and want a yummy spot to eat!IR10ShopThePostIcon


The next week was a short one. Before I knew it I was on the road again… this time to Arkansas for my cousin Liz’s wedding! I swear these leggings that I wore for the 5 hour drive are the most comfortable I’ve ever owned. (Also LOL that Pinterest is written on my planner…)IR1ShopThePostIcon

Another monumental summer occassion – getting a healthy chop! I ended up taking off about 5 inches and couldn’t be more in love with how healthy and fun my hair now feels! My head is a bit ducked in this photo so it appears longer than it is, but you can still see the difference.IR9ShopThePostIcon

I’ve been loving fun accessories, and these Lisi Lerch beauties are my new favorite! Get them for 10% off from White Elephant Designs with the code LoneStarSouthern10. Such a deal, as these never go on sale!IR8ShopThePostIcon

Surprise, surprise… more turquoise accessories. I wore all white with pops of gold and turquoise for a fun Mexican dinner with friends last week! The nice thing about accessories is they don’t start to feel tight after too much chips and salsa…IR7ShopThePostIcon

Pineapple ring. There’s nothing else to say, really. You can get one here!IR6ShopThePostIcon

Before I knew it, it was time to get ready for the fourth! Here were some of the festive pretties I packed for the lake house. (The wedges are old from Kate Spade, but look at the gorgeous similar ones I found!) IR12ShopThePostIcon

 This weekend looked a lot like this… soaking up the sun! While listening to country, of course. Here’s my Spotify summer country playlist that I always have on repeat! Oh and ps, these mirrored shades look exactly like RayBans but are only $12… yes, please!IR13ShopThePostIcon

Yesterday, the family and I grabbed brunch at The Root Cafe in Little Rock (their fresh orange juice… can’t even explain how good) before making the drive back to Dallas. If you saw this Instagram, you probably read in the caption that Lucy Hale wore this top in last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars! That makes us best friends, right?IR3ShopThePostIcon

Celebrating the fourth with my huge extended family at our lake house in Arkansas was a BLAST, and I can’t help but feel so old! It seems like just yesterday the whole “cousin crew” was running around getting melted popsicle everywhere and causing havoc on the doc. Now so many of them have started having little families of their own. Surreal and so precious. Time, slow down! (P.S. This lip color is “Tulipe”) IR2ShopThePostIcon

Well, folks, that just about does it for this coffee date! The theme of this summer has been “go, go, go!” and while I’ve loved every second, I’d be lying if I said I’m looking forward to things slowing down just a little. Ya feel? If you’re wanting to see more of my crazy life, you’re welcome to follow me on Snapchat at the username “LonestarSnaps” – all I can say is I have a few hilarious family members who often manage to do something embarrassing fairly often. When I’m lucky, I capture it and post it for y’all. ;) (Sorry, Dad, Mom and Steele!)

I hope you not only had a wonderful weekend, but have been having a wonderful summer as a whole as well! Luckily, it’s not over any time soon. We’ve still got a good two months of fun in the sun, so grab your sunscreen and get out there!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Chottie said:

    Love your Instagram! Those Jacks in your Starbucks pic are so adorable!! It sounds like you’re having such a great summer, thanks for bringing us along:)


    Published 7.6.15 · Reply
  2. Ellen said:

    I loved the Newseum when I was in DC a couple of months ago. So moving! Loved reading this recap. Have a great weekend!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    Published 7.6.15 · Reply
  3. I love both pairs of jacks in this post I think I need them both! I also love that pink flouncy peplum top it’s just adorable!
    Great post

    Published 7.6.15 · Reply
  4. Caroline said:

    You always have the cutest little crop tops! I so wish I could pull them off!

    Published 7.7.15 · Reply
  5. Marisa said:

    Your country playlist is AWESOME! I have had it on heavy rotation since the spring. Just shared it with my sister – she loves it too!

    Published 7.7.15 · Reply