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Skirt (sold out, similar here)  |  Purse  (coveting the green shade!)  |  Green Top  (sold out, similar here)  |  Canvas Utility Jacket  |  Watch  |  Shoes  |  Classic Pearl Studs

I’ve never been one for muted colors (I’m more into brights… does that come as a surprise?), and have avoided the army greens and taupes of late simply because I haven’t known how to make them look “cute.” Laid back and relaxed? Sure, but girly and fun? I was having trouble reconciling the two.

That was until I came across this skirt, and realized that those muted colors was exactly what was needed to compliment the prairie-inspired number. Enter an army green shirt and classic utility jacket. All together, they make a seamless, laid back look that is feminine to the tee. I’m surprised by how much I love it!

Another variation on the muted color look I can’t wait to try this fall? This vest paired with these stunning crimson corduroys, a simple hunter top and tasseled loafers. Looks like I have a new favorite look for the fall!

In other news… it’s a huge day! Remember the “Shake It Off” cover the boy made a few weeks ago? Well, it was selected by RYAN SEACREST for a competition on his website!!! I am so SO thrilled for Jeff and couldn’t be more proud. In my completely objective third-party outsider opinion, with absolutely no personal interest in the matter (name the movie), I think his cover is the BEST and deserves to win! If you agree (or just want to make my day), vote here for Jeff McIntosh! Since you can vote once a day, I’ll be that girl refreshing her browser every few minutes… naturally… :)

Here’s the video again, just because it’s happy and fun and the boy is cute.

Love from Texas,


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  1. Becky said:

    I love this layered look!! Especially that brown jacket – it would match so much!

    Published 9.29.14 · Reply
  2. molly c said:

    i can’t find the contest! :(

    Published 9.29.14 · Reply
  3. Love the Eloise reference!

    Published 9.29.14 · Reply
  4. You pull the muted colours off so well! The pop of blue with the skirt and your lip colour? Yes!
    Also, congrats for Jeff!
    I voted :)

    Published 9.29.14 · Reply
  5. Love this outfit!

    Also, I voted!

    xo Devon Alana

    Published 9.29.14 · Reply
  6. JD said:

    I voted!

    Published 9.29.14 · Reply
  7. Absolutely love this look! And of course I voted! :)

    Published 9.30.14 · Reply