pinstripes and crochet

blue bell sleeve topblue bell sleeve topblue bell sleeve top

TOP   blue and white bell sleeve top (just $23!)   |   JEANS   white toothpick jeans   |   SHOES   suede ankle strap wedges   |   BAG   reversible mini cross body (similar linked)  |   EARRINGS   pearl studs   |   LIP COLOR   pink nouveau

I am so excited about the star of today’s post… this blue and white bell-sleeved top! Not just because it’s completely darling in every way (and make no mistake, it is completely darling in every way) but because the price point is incredible. Just $23!

Like I said in this post from last week, blue and white is everywhere this season. I love the combination here in pinstripes and lovely crochet detailing. I got this in the mail last week and have already worn it 3 times!

I used to love shopping at Forever21 (I think the thrill of the hunt was what got me) but now that there isn’t an actual store near me, I’ve found I’ve kinda forgotten about it. That was until last week, when a random online ad led me to the site. I’ve said this before, but shopping online at Forever21 is a game changer. Not only can you actually return the items for a full refund (instead of that frustrating store credit) but you can scroll through the tons of options without having to elbow your way through clothing racks and frenzied shoppers! Definitely a great option for low priced, trendy pieces.

And heads up… I am planning on making a haul video of my order soon, so stay tuned! :)

Love from Texas,


Photography by Angie Garcia

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  1. That top is the cutest ever! I love the lace detail through the middle and the price makes it even better! I think shopping Forever 21 online is way better than in the store haha!

    Lauren Lindmark

    Published 2.22.17 · Reply
  2. Katie said:

    This blouse is so beautiful I just ordered one for myself. Really pretty details.
    Greetings Katie

    Published 2.23.17 · Reply
  3. love your outfit

    Published 2.23.17 · Reply
  4. Katie said:

    This top is so cute on you, Kate! Definitely perfect for spring!


    Published 2.26.17 · Reply
  5. This is such a cute Outift!

    Published 2.27.17 · Reply
  6. Sadie said:

    This outfit was featured on Lauren Conrad’s blog! How awesome to see your network growing :)

    Published 3.15.17 · Reply
  7. Sally said:

    Your top. SO cute! I’m so happy that it’s so affordable, too! I love finding cute but inexpensive finds! It’s incredible how many cute items there are at Forever 21’s online store!

    Sweetly, Sally //

    Published 4.1.17 · Reply