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Bean Boots 8″ (check the website sizing guide, I went 1.5 sizes down!) |   Ralph Lauren Button Down   |   J.Crew Shiny Down Vest (on huge sale with the rest of the store!)   |   J.Crew Toothpick Jeans   |   Grey Knit Socks   |   Leather Belt   |   Michael Kors Crossbody Purse  (this updated style is 25% off!) |   Pearl Ring (from H&M, similar here!)   |   Pearl Studs (asking for this pair for Christmas!)   |   Lipstick in “”

So… confession. I live in Texas, perhaps one of the driest places on earth besides the Sahara desert, and I’m all too excited about owning a pair of bean boots. I ordered these at the beginning of fall with visions of torrential downpour and flash flood-inducing outfits in my head. And while there haven’t been too many occasions of practical nature to sport them, they have certainly become one of my favorite pairs of shoes!

They are, obviously, very unique, and add such a fun, southern touch to fall outfits. Playing on their timeless nature, I decided to wear them on a bright, sunny day with a classic Ralph Lauren button down (one of the better purchases I’ve made, so timeless!), my new favorite puffer vest that isn’t the stereotypical style, and leather accents. As weather continues to lean on the horrifyingly hot side over here, you can bet I’ll be wearing similar variations throughout the winter! (Bean boots also make the perfect gift… I’m considering gifting a pair to the boy for Christmas!:)

My family and I just got back home from our trip to Arkansas (if you’re following along on Instagram, you’d have seen we went for my cousin’s wedding) after having the most incredible time! Fun little moment occurred that I had to share about… I caught the bouquet! While I know that customarily means I’m next in line for the aisle, I don’t see that happening any time soon. :) But it sure did make for some fun photos (you’ll find the overjoyed, obligatory selfie here) and sweet memories. I was able to dance the night away in my favorite For Love and Lemons dress (the exact style is sold out, but the designer makes another gorgeous style in the same material here) and LK Bennet pumps – actually the most comfortable shoes ever, and will be perfect for the holiday parties ahead! I hope everyone had an exciting, fun-filled weekend as well!

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  1. My husband is getting a pair of Bean Boots for Christmas. I sent them to my parents though so he wouldn’t go snooping around and find them. They’ve been on his wish list for 6 months now

    Published 12.7.14 · Reply
  2. Emma said:

    Loving this whole outfit, I need to get some bean boots for myself!

    Published 12.7.14 · Reply
  3. are you going to zip up your puffer vest

    Published 6.12.16 · Reply
  4. Amanda Elliott said:

    These boots are really beautiful. I love them so much. Thanks for sharing them and uno online which is considered to be a must-try game

    Published 4.1.24 · Reply