let’s go to the beach


FRIDAY! We made it, y’all! A full weekend ahead, and I’m celebrating with a new video up on my YouTube channel! (To never miss a video, be sure to subscribe here.)

This edit is of my favorite wardrobe pieces from my trip to Seaside, Florida. After a stifling hot week in both Dallas and Midland (where I went to visit my roomie from last year) the beach is just what I need. Wishing I could be back there right now!

Unfortunately, no relaxing beach vacation lies ahead… the opposite, in fact. On Saturday, my sister, mama and I are loading up every vehicle we own to get my sister moved back to college! Please send prayers. We all know how that type of thing goes. ;)

With this impending move on the horizon, the house looks like a tornado has ransacked it. Do messy environments stress you out? Because I’m finding it impossible to focus when everything is in such upheaval. I’m already planning a relaxing Sunday of getting everything organized and back in order…. ahh… just the thought makes me so happy.

I hope you have far much more relaxation ahead this weekend than I, and am wishing you safety and lots of fun! Thanks SO much for swinging by and making me a part of your day. Means the world!

Love from Texas,


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  1. xoxobellablog said:

    Good luck with the moving adventure!

    xoxoBella | http://xoxobella.com

    Published 8.14.15 · Reply
  2. Phyllis said:

    Such a cute video! Love all the accessories, especially the hat! Must have for these hot Southern summers!

    Phyllis | http://www.prettypleese.com

    Published 8.14.15 · Reply