decorating my apartment for christmas

my apartment

gold mirror   //   white couch   //   white chair   //   gold gallery wall   //   pink rug   //   ginger jar art prints   //   acrylic dining room table   //   gold book shelf  (I spray painted it gold)  //   ginger jars   //   blue pillows (made by my mother)

my christmas decor

white reindeer   (michaels)   //   pine cone limbs   (target)   //   garland around bookcase   (target)   //   white village houses   (target)   //   gold tinsel   (target last year, similar linked)   //   white stockings   (target last year)   //   gold christmas tree figurine   (michaels)   //   red santa   (can’t remember)   //   gold lights around mirror   (target)   //   white pre-lit christmas tree   (last year, can’t remember)

I have to confess… one of my very favorite things about this whole “adulting” process has been getting to decorate my very own place for Christmas! I started out my senior year of college with a single garland, and now, year after year, I add a few more festive touches.

Last year was my first year to have a tree… and man does it change everything! And now that my apartment has a fireplace, things feel extra cozy. Let’s just say, Christmas decorations make everything so much better, and when it comes to living alone, I think they’re one of the better ways to keep from feeling lonely!

While my apartment is a far cry from “winter wonderland,” I thought it would be fun to show you how I’ve decorated it this year. All of the decorations have been inexpensive items I’ve happened upon here and there, but I love the festive element they add to this space!

My dream is to one day have a big, real tree and a huge light display on my house (a girl can dream, right?) but until then, this cozy little Christmas apartment will do just fine. :) I hope you enjoy!

Love from Texas,


P.S. My mother and I are off to Vail, Colorado today! And I am giddy. We’ve never been before, so if you have any recommendations for food, activities, or beautiful spots we need to see, please let me know!

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  1. Catherine said:

    Definitely try Almresi – it’s a German/Austrian restaurant that’s decorated beautifully. I remember their warm mulled wine, smoked salmon, and fondue were awesome when I was there for a conference last winter!

    Published 12.10.18 · Reply
  2. Kelly said:

    Beautiful Kate!

    Random question, how did you hang your tv and hide the cable box and cords? I’m trying to do that in my own place but worry about the cable box being in a weird location.

    Published 12.10.18 · Reply
  3. Anastasia said:

    It was either last year or the year before you had the **cutest** nativity set…do you know where you had purchased it from and if it’s still available?

    Published 12.10.18 · Reply
  4. Miriam Prince said:

    We visited Vail for a long weekend last October. It was the off season but we loved it! It’s so pretty! We ate at Vintage for dinner one night and it was fabulous! It’s French, which is not usually my favorite, but this was fantastic! Highly recommend! We stayed at the Sebastian hotel right next door and also had a great experience there. They have a fabulous fireplace in the lobby which might be a good insta picture :) There is a local coffee shop called Yeti’s grind that we loved! They had a steamed apple cider with caramel that I still think about. I was pregnant when we went and I think I drank at least 6 of them haha. We ate at Sweet Basil for lunch and it was delicious! They have a pretty view as well. I’ve heard dinner there is fabulous too. Have a great trip!

    Published 12.10.18 · Reply
  5. Kelsey said:

    Your apartment looks gorgeous! I love the little white houses those are so cute!!
    Xo Kelsey

    Published 12.10.18 · Reply
  6. Ah-mazing! Love every little detail! xo

    Published 12.19.18 · Reply
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