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Hello from one of my favorite college coffee shops in Austin, Texas, friends! This week has been a whirlwind. From the amazing Boston adventure with Vineyard Vines team, the 2 hour car ride to and from the Jacksonville Airport (let’s just say the Gainesville airport isn’t the most robust I’ve seen) to sprinting through the DFW airport to catch my connection this morning, it has been nonstop action. Finally sitting down with an iced latte and a few hours ahead to knock out work feels amazing. And I’m so excited to celebrate my bestie, Kelly, at her bachelorette party this weekend. TGIF, am I right?!

While I haven’t been here on LonestarSouthern.com as much as I would have liked, I have been all over IG stories lately! So if you haven’t yet, you can head to my Instagram account to get a peek at this week’s festivities.

But without further ado, let’s kick off another Friday Favorites post. Excited for you to see what I’ve been loving lately!




friday favorites



In my last Friday Favorites, I mentioned eyeing a new pair of sunglasses. While I didn’t end up buying that exact pair, I did pull the trigger on this fab pair! It’s always a gamble ordering sunglasses online, but y’all, I’m thrilled with these. (Apparently y’all are too, considering the amount of DMs I got about them!) They’re oversized without being bug-eye-esque and incredibly chic without the designer price tag… under $50, y’all! Super tempted to order the tortoiseshell style next!


With my crazy travel schedule and Andrew’s crazy work schedule, the two of us were feeling pretty puny last night! I decided to make this Instant Pot chicken and rice soup… and it was heaven. The only change I made was using Trader Joe’s organic brown rice, which I made in the microwave then poured the soup over. It was seriously the easiest thing, and I know I’ll be making it lots and lots this season!


This week, I was introduced to an amazing organization focused on breast and ovarian cancer awareness and action, Bright Pink! I was so touched and inspired as I heard about the vision of this movement. They have an amazing Assessment Risk quiz every woman should take here!


I have loved Alexia Maria for years now… her designs are utterly classic, fabulously feminine, and usually incorporate a bow. Swoon! I actually wore one of her creations for our engagement photos, and safe to say it’s one of my favorite pieces in my closet. She just released her Fall/Winter 2019 line, and the styles are absolutely breathtaking! I’ll just be over here dreaming up fantasies of wearing every single gown sometime this season. This one, in particular, has my heart! (Brides, it comes in white!)


Ok y’all… today’s the day! Did anyone pre-order the new iPhone 11? I’m not one to ever have the latest from apple, but my phone has been on the fritz as of late so I decided to go for the upgrade. Unfortunately, the delivery requires a signature, so I probably won’t have it in my hands until early next week! But I’m already so excited about it. I ordered this case (in pink sand) for it until Loopy comes out with a iPhone11 Pro Max size. It’s what I used to have and absolutely loved!


If you’ve been following along with my recent wedding and move to Gainesville, Florida, you’ve most likely been hearing about my new workout regime woes! I have yet to settle into something I really love… and loving the workout is my key to success. I decided to try out the Studio App, and have to say… it was great! I hate running but loved the 30minute interval run I did. Not sure if this will become my official go-to, but definitely worth checking out!


After a week of go, go, go, it seems only fitting to share a crazy exciting update I have for y’all. I’m officially off to Paris in two short weeks!!! AHH! In what just may be the most squeal-inducing email I have ever received, the Adventures by Disney team invited me to join them for a Seine River Cruise. Did I lose my mind from excitement? Yes. Have I been counting down the days ever since? Also yes. My precious friend Caroline will be coming along, and we are both giddy to experience France in the fall. Now I need to start strategizing how I’m going to pack everything up in one suitcase! Help!


this weeks dms


“How is American Royals? It’s in my library queue and I’m excited!”

I’m about eight chapters into American Royals, and honestly, it could be the worst book in the world (it’s not!) and I’d still probably love it. :) The setting? Modern-day America… but with royalty. How has this not been written sooner?! How am I liking it so far? It has a very young adult feel to it, but let’s be real, that’s my guilty pleasure! Lots of interesting characters and I’m excited to see the plot unfold. So I’m loving it so far, and I’ll update y’all when I’m finished!

“Do you have a code for Loopy case?!”

Yes! Use the code “Lonestar10” for 10% off my favorite case ever.

“What were the protein bars that you recommended”

I’m obsessed with Power Crunch Peanut Butter Fudge bars! I buy them in bulk. It’s a full-blown addiction.

“This is so random, but what brand is that t-shirt Andrew got you from the hospital?? With the dog on it!”

It’s a brand called Puppie Love! :)

“Can you link your folk playlist?”

I actually don’t have a specific folk playlist Although I do have a great “slow country harmony” playlist that has some folk on it. My favorite folk-esque artists are Allison Kraus, Sarah Jarosz, Nickle Creek, and Peter Bradley Adams!

“Where is your bedding from?! Dying over it in all your stories!”

I was going to keep all of our room details a secret until the final reveal, but so many of y’all are dying for bedding details! So, drumroll, please… Andrew and I have the Suzanne Kasler Greek Key Bedding in Sky and it makes me happy every time I see it!

Alright, friends, that’s all for now! I’m off to try a new fried chicken finger spot for lunch, and I’m starving so this should be fun. Wishing everyone a safe, fun weekend!

Love from Texas(!!!),


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  1. Sara said:

    Just an FYI!! I just looked and it looks like you can pre-order a Loopy case for the new iPhones!!

    Published 9.20.19 · Reply
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