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Happy Friday, friends! Aren’t short weeks just the best? Andrew actually had Tuesday off as well, so adjusting back into the real world on Wednesday was not for the faint of heart. Even in these three days, it’s been packed with all sorts of exciting updates here at Lonestar Southern, and I’m exhausted! So excited to kick back tonight. Who’s with me?

I’m excited to bring another Friday Favorites post to you today! Lots of fun little updates I hope you’ll enjoy. Plus, I’m adding something new this edition! I’m notoriously terrible at checking my DMs, so I decided to cover a few of them that I received this week. Let me know if you enjoy this little update!


friday favorites



After a weekend of bunkering down in anticipation of Hurricane Dorian, Andrew and I were feeling excessively fidgety come Labor Day! Instead of an onslaught of rain, as predicted, Gainesville was the prettiest I’d ever seen it. Balmy, breezy and bright all weekend long! Andrew and I decided to pick up two bikes at Walmart for an evening cruize around our neighborhood. (Of course, I chose this white one.) I can’t even explain how fun it was… we discovered so many beautiful new nooks and crannies of our neighborhood, and are so excited to make this a weekly tradition! I loved it so much that I decided to take my bike to the grocery store yesterday afternoon. I forgot how much fun biking is… here’s to being a kid, again!


If there’s one line I’m always looking to for new arrivals, it’s J.Crew! For some reason, it feels like Christmas whenever they put out new styles. I have to say… this collection is one of my very favorites yet. Plus, they’re having an amazing sale I wanted to fill y’all in on! 40% off of 3+ items, 30% off of 2 items and 25% off of 1 item from this huge selection the code SHOPMORE. I’m eyeing this new dress that has the sweetest silhouette and comes in pink, navy and white. Here are a few other favorites that I plan to stock up on today!


I got a sudden bought of inspiration this weekend, and ended up nearly completing our master bedroom! The best part? I found two sets of gorgeous lamps=at, you guessed it, Homegoods. (I’m telling you, the Homegoods here in Gainesville is always a jackpot.) Best yet, I found one of the sets online, too! These rattan lamps are now on our bedside tables. They tie in the natural colors of our room so beautifully. The other set, that I’ve placed on our dressers, looks similar to this pricey piece. Love a pop of color! Now, I just need a floor lamp for the cozy corner in our room and am thinking this simple gold floor lamp is perfect. (And budget-friendly!)


Did you catch my announcement? The Lilly Pulitzer After Party sale starts in stores tomorrow and online Monday morning! (Click HERE for all the details.) One of my sweet followers reached out with an interesting observation – some of her favorite items on the Lilly Pulitzer website had mysteriously disappeared, and she was wondering if that meant they would be included in the sale! I took the question to Instagram Stories, and got TONS of dm’s from y’all saying that this almost 100% means yes, that means they’ll be included! Be sure to check back on Sunday. I’ll be doing a try on of a few sale styles the Lilly Pulitzer team was sweet enough to send over. Hooray! And to make sure you’re all prepared for the sale, check out this blog post.


If there’s one accessory area I could improve on, it’s my sunglasses collection. Let’s be real, I’ve worn these, and only these, for a couple years now! In the interest of switching it up, I am eyeing (pun intended) this pair of fabulous tortoiseshell stunners. Absolutely loving the oversized, chic look and the autumn vibe of these. Plus, at $99, I can convince myself that they’re a steal for “under $100″… ha!



“Hey!! What camera do you use? Andrew’s pictures look amazing!!”

camera // lens

“Hi there, planning a trip to Dallas and would love to know some of your recommendations on hotels, restaurants, shopping, etc… thanks!”

I’ve been meaning to do a full post on this for forever, but here are a few quick ideas! There are a million great spots in Dallas, but here are a few of my favorites!

Hotels: The Joule, Hotel Zaza, The Mansion, The W, The Crescent

Brunch: Saint Ann, Mercat Bistro, Toulouse

Lunch: Mirador, La Bilboquet, Cafe R&D, Rise No. 1, Katy Trail Icehouse

Dinner: Mi Cocina in Highland Park Village, Honor Bar, José, Hattie’s, HG Supply Co (grab a drink upstairs), Dolce Riviera, Oishii (not flashy from the street but my favorite sushi in Dallas), Shinsei, Te Deseo (never been but looks amazing)

Shopping: Highland Park Village, Downtown (Neiman Marcus & Forty Five Ten), Northpark Mall, Mi Golondrina Showroom (not a ton around it, but if you’re looking for a beautiful embroidered piece, you must stop in!)

“Need this (chimichurri recipe) gf!! Looks SO good!!”

I made the chimichurri sauce from this recipe and used chicken instead of beef! Andrew would literally drink it if I let him. So yummy and fresh!

“What biking app do you use (to track your bike ride)? Or is this a garmin watch?”

I love my Garmin! But I just used the Runkeeper app for this week’s bike ride. I really like it!

“Good morning! Do you have a Spotify playlist for praise and worship music?”

You bet! Here is the link to my worship playlist on Spotify. I’m also loving this Shane & Shane album recently!


“Hi Kate! I was wondering how you’ve been dealing with moving to a new place with your husband working a lot! I have a similar situation… I know the solution is me making friends here and not feeling lonely when he’s gone, but I was just wondering if you had any tips or what’s been working for you in this department!”

You know what one of the best things about this move has been? That apparently there are many of y’all in the same boat, or who have been in a similar season before! I plan on doing a longer, Coffee Date style post on this, but for now, here’s what I would say.

Prayer has been huge for me. Bringing specific requests to the Lord and watching him work and provide has been the biggest blessing in this season! He’s been so faithful. So I would start there. Be honest with the Lord about your desires… from things as “big” as needing a new friend or as “small” as encouragement to get through a lonely night joyfully. Watching Him answer specific prayers continues to remind me that I’m not alone, and He is making a way for me here in Gainesville.

Then, act! That has been big for me. I’ve been learning if I don’t step out of my comfort zone, I’m going to stay in my comfort zone. And my comfort zone in this new city can get lonely! Here are a couple of ideas: Take a workout class consistently and get to know the girls there. Find a church and join a bible study and/or volunteer commitment there.

Finally, in those moments where you find yourself alone, I’ve found it so helpful to get excited about them as opposed to dreading them. So, if Andrew is at the hospital late or over the weekend, I’ll make a list of things I want to do… and then I do them! I’ll watch an episode of my favorite show, bake something (I love baking), have a long, leisurely quiet time, paint my nails, take a long walk outside, tidy up the house while listening to music, pour a glass of wine and read a book, memorize a new verse, simple things I don’t always give myself time for. It’s also a great opportunity to reach out to a long-distance friend and catch up. I try to treat those nights as “treat myself” nights.. and that turns them into something fun and special as opposed to dreaded.

Again, I plan on doing a longer post soon, but hopefully, that’s a good starting place!


Well, friends, that’s all for now! I am so looking forward to getting outside this weekend since we spent all last weekend indoors! I’m also dying to go downtown and try a new brunch spot… but since it’s the first home game here at the University of Florida, I have a feeling things are going to get crazy!

Wishing all of you lots of fun! Don’t forget to check back Sunday for some Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale try on sneak peeks!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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  1. Anne Knapp said:

    I would add to your suggestions for making new friends in a new city, join a charity guild that has members around your own age — the Junior League is great, as are “younger” guilds of museums, zoos, etc. You’ll be inundated with new friends!

    Published 9.6.19 · Reply
  2. Abby said:

    I love what you said about savoring the *me time* that solo nights provide. I feel the same way–I’m all about pouring a glass of wine, lighting a candle, and enjoying the time working on my blog with no distractions. Oh, and the nights I take a bubble bath? Even better!


    Published 9.6.19 · Reply
  3. I absolutely love your thoughts on being in a new place and your tips are perfect. I love these Friday favs posts. I am so excited for the Lilly sale. I just shared all of my Friday favs too, ha! Great post Kate. Enjoy the weekend!

    Juliana Grace | http://www.julianagraceblogspace.com

    Published 9.6.19 · Reply
  4. Mary said:
    Published 9.7.19 · Reply
  5. I’m headed to Gainesville this weekend and can tell you that it will be the most fun with football here! Just make sure you wear your white for this game! ☺️

    Published 9.7.19 · Reply