9 random things i’m currently loving

Let me start off this post by stating the obvious: It has been so long since I’ve posted a good old fashioned outfit post. Between moving out of my apartment, our recent trip to Gainesville and non-stop wedding planning, outfit shoots never seem to get checked off the to-do list.

I finally have one scheduled for this week, so if you’ve been missing those, hang tight! In the meantime, I thought it might be fun to switch things up today and share 9 random things I’m currently loving. I love reading these type of posts, and I hope you enjoy this list!

After you’ve made it through the list, feel free to add a few favorites of your own as well! I always love new recommendations. Now, let’s get to the fun stuff!

O N E // Nut Butter Chocolate Peanut Butter

No joke, I eat at least one of these little packets every single day! I’ve tried so many flavors of the RX Nut Butter, but this one is by far the most incredible. It almost tastes like a Reese’s! Plus, just 3 grams of sugar. Trust me and go get yourself one!

T W O // Vital Protein Collagen Peptides

Ok, y’all! I’m officially a believer! I (like you, I’m sure) have been seeing all the buzz about collagen. So when I was walking through Whole Foods the other day and saw some on display, I thought I’d give it a try! (Anything for that #WeddingGlow, ya know?!)

I kid you not, within 3 days I noticed a huge difference! My skin felt way softer and more clear than usual. I told my friend Hayley about it, she went and bought some and noticed the same thing! So if you haven’t jumped on the band wagon yet, join us!

P.S. I just use one scoop in my coffee every morning. You can’t taste it at all!

T H R E E // Platform Sneakers

I’ve mentioned these a time or two over the past few weeks because I cannot stop wearing these platform sneakers! I own them in the camel color, and they seriously go with everything. They’re unbelievably comfortable (enough-so for 3 days of non-stop house hunting), so versatile and so cute!

My bible study of high school freshmen girls even complimented them, which made me feel especially in-the-know. :) Speaking of, they’re seriously perfect for any age, from high school to mamas! My mom is dying for a pair in grey. I’m ordering them in white now, and here are the socks I wear with them!

F O U R // Interior Designer Instagrams

Now that Andrew and I are almost homeowners (Eek! Still doesn’t feel real!) I have taken interior designer stalking to a whole new level. Two of my very favorites? Collins Interiors (Instagram here) who is a local designer here in Dallas and Katherine Bramlett (Instagram here) who is located in Birmingham, Alabama. Fun fact, Katherine is the sister of one of my dear friends Caroline… you’ll LOVE her blog. Check it out here!

While I think that realistically we’ll be repurposing my IKEA apartment furniture for a few years to come, I can’t stop dreaming up different design ideas. This scalloped light, for example, would be perfect for the breakfast area. Do leave all of your interior design favorites below!

F I V E // Aerobic Dance Classes

If you follow along on my Instagram Stories, you may have seen me post about the almost life-changing experience I had at a YMCA dance class last week! (Haha!) Y’all… it was SO fun! Everyone was just giving it their all, no one cared about what they looked like, and I ended up burning over 400 calories in one hour. Um… what!

I had so much fun, in fact, that I’ve been re-thinking my whole workout mentality. Working out can and should be fun! So now I’m on the search for more dance fitness classes. I’ve heard amazing things about 305 Fitness and High Fitness, but sadly neither have locations near me. If you have any other favorites, especially local to central-Dallas, I’d love to know!

S I X // Self Tanner

I feel like such a dork for posting this, but why am I so quick to forget the magic of self tanner?! I had a super lazy Friday night this weekend, so I decided to pull out my St. Tropez. (I use this on the body with this $8 glove and this on my face with a kabuki brush.) I felt like a beach-bronzed goddess in the morning, and am kicking myself for not using it all winter!

I’ve also been hearing great things about Fake Bake and St. Moriz. Any others I should know about?!

S E V E N // The Perfect Pink Polish

I have officially turned into “that girl”… the one who has a go-to nail polish she rarely deviates from. For the past couple of years I’ve tried every gel under the sun in hopes of finding a perfect match for the “Fiji” color by Essie to no avail.

So before Valentine’s day this year, I decided to do something a little different and opted for “Lima Tell You About This Color” by OPI in gel. It’s the perfect bright, happy pink. Not too mauve, not to purple, not to bright nor too dark… just right. Let me tell ya about it, I don’t think I’ll ever go back!

E I G H T // Countdown Calendar

Y’all… JUNE IS ALMOST 3 MONTHS AWAY! I legitimately cannot even believe it. The wedding is going to be here in no time!

In preparation, I decided to buy this adorable “Last 100 Days” countdown calendar on Amazon. I have it on my desk and can’t wait to start using it! It’s such a cute idea for any countdown you have in your life. I’ll share it on Instagram Stories today!

N I N E // Olaplex Hair Perfector

The Sephora check-out line lured me in yet again a month or two ago, and I ended up picking up this hair serum on the way out! I had just seen it on an Instagram story, and thought I’d give it a shot.

Y’all.. the hype is true! This thing works wonders. I try to use it at least once a week. My hair feels silky-smooth and shiny afterwards. But don’t take my word for it… check out all the amazing reviews, too!

There ya have it, friends! A few favorites I’ve been loving lately. I’m now in search of an amazing facialist in Dallas, as well as a place to get eyelash extensions! I’ve never had either, and am wanting to get “wedding ready.” Any recommendations? If I find ones I love I’ll be sure to include them in a future “loving lately” list!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Kelly said:

    I LOVE these posts!! I too have a go to nail color, “Guilty Pleasure” by Essie for toes, and “Strawberry margarita” by OPI for hands. Somethings I’ve been loving, Laneige sleep mask (hello winter!), Perfect Hair Day styling treatment for the most silk locks, and Clinque’s redness solution. Totally has given me some even color during these harsh winter months. :)

    Published 2.25.19 · Reply
  2. Olivia said:

    I don’t have a Dallas facialist recommendation, but definitely start a microneedling treatment before the wedding!! I did two treatments before mine and my skin was seriously glowing!

    Published 2.25.19 · Reply
  3. Caitlyn said:

    My absolute favorite new self tanner is Loving Tan 2 hour express mousse. It works so fast and leaves such a beautiful natural glow with no streaking! And GET the eyelash extensions. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!

    Published 2.25.19 · Reply
  4. Meredith said:

    Amanda at Eleven Wellness does incredible facials…she will evaluate your skin and pick her routine each time based off what your skin needs and I always leave with a glow that really lasts. She’s amazing – I learned about her from Amy of Dallas Wardrobe (who has beautiful skin).

    Published 2.25.19 · Reply
  5. Olivia said:

    This post is really fun! I love it!!
    Do you ever think of doing a book review ? I would love to hear what you liked !!!

    Published 2.25.19 · Reply
  6. Tina said:

    Have you ever heard of O’verlays? They are panels for IKEA furniture that can make them look super upscale. Mackenzie Horan did a really pretty dresser makeover here: https://www.mackenziehoran.com/2019/01/09/ikea-hemnes-dresser-before-and-after/.

    Published 2.25.19 · Reply
  7. Olga said:

    Need to check out the nail polish, it looks great! I love the Essie Gel Couture polishes!


    Published 2.25.19 · Reply
  8. Blythe said:

    My favorite go-to polish is OPI’s “Let Me Bayou a Drink”. Perfectly pretty and a hint of sparkle!

    Published 2.25.19 · Reply
  9. Teresa said:

    Are the platform sneakers heavy?

    Published 2.25.19 · Reply
  10. Krista said:

    Don’t do extensions! Ruined my lashes 2x! (yes I didn’t learn my lesson the first time!) The Rodan and Fields Lash Boost treatment is amazing…in 2-3 months your lashes are incredibly long and strong.

    Published 2.26.19 · Reply
  11. Amy said:

    I’ve had lash extensions before and LOVED how they looked (they didn’t adhere to my lashes very well despite my meticulous care of them, but still) and decided I wanted them for my wedding as well. Well I had a much longer engagement, and us brides do and try silly things to prepare for our wedding, and so before committing to extensions I tried a lash serum to give my lashes an even bigger boost before the wedding AND IT WORKED. I get SO MANY compliments after 3 months of consistent use, and even my aesthetician agreed after giving me a lash lift and tint that the serum worked so well that extensions would have looked ridiculous on top of them (not in a good way). It’s the Grande Cosmetics Grande Lash Serum MD and I buy it from Sephora. So many of my girlfriends have bought it because of my results and I can tell when they’re been using it! Might be tricky with your wedding 3 months out to see full results but truly I love this for a more cost-effective and long-term alternative to extensions, and the best part is they’re all mine!

    Published 2.26.19 · Reply
  12. I LOVE that pink nail polish color!


    Published 2.28.19 · Reply
  13. Kat said:

    I always wanted to try this Olaplex. So many good reviews. I love your blog site anyways. :)

    Published 7.1.19 · Reply
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    Published 3.8.24 · Reply