2019 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale // what i bought

Good morning! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is LIVE! Click here to shop it.

Day 2

I cheked the website to see about the new items that were to be added to the sale today! Turns out, it’s not a huge amount by any means. Probably 15 pieces or less?

There are lots of activewear pieces included, and my favorite, gorgeous sweaters! Here are the two I fell in love iwth:

I’ll be checking the site the remainder of the day to see if anything else hits the sale! In the meantime, I’m double checking yesterday’s items to make sure I grabbed everything I wanted. If you missed it, you can see my faves from the sale below!

Happy shopping!

Day 1

As always, the selection blew me away this year! Here’s a walk-through of my morning. Can’t wait to show you what I bought! :)

6:41 AM

Ugh. Alarm goes off… to “Jingle Bells” by Michael Buble no less. I snooze a few times and drag myself out of bed. I figure I’ll get in the virtual line, then make a cup of coffee while I wait. Life is all about incentives, right?


I pull up my seconds clock, and once 7am hits have to refresh a few times before getting a spot in line. 8320 in line! Only a 12 minute wait! By far the shortest number I’ve ever gotten. There goes my leisurely morning before getting into the sale!

7:05 AM

I’m in! Time to after party sale!

8:11 AM

I’ve officially shopped the entire sale! I made an order (eek! so excited!) and rounded up all of my very favorites. There was one item that sold out before I could check out. Bummer! See my purchases from today, and my favorite sale finds, below!

What I Purchased

When I shopped the sale in-store this past weekend, I bought this tassel sweater in grey and this pink sweater! I also tried on this shift and this black dress but didn’t pull the trigger.

This year, I was especially selective online. There were so many adorable pieces, but I focused on those that I could take on my honeymoon as well as items I’d keep in my closet for years!

This romper is the one piece I had in my cart, but sold out before I could check out. I’m obsessed with the cut out detail on the side!

I am thrilled that I managed to score this Gwyneth Dress at such a steal. I’ve had my eye on it since it was released last spring, and have been hoping it would be included in the sale! Check out the adorable detailing on the back. This is probably the piece I’m most excited about!

Another piece I had my eye on and was so excited to catch on sale? This polka dot top. I don’t love how it’s styled on the model, but tucked into white jeans with a pair of navy statement earrings, it looks fab. I plan on wearing this all summer long!

I also bought this adorable white blouse, as I can see it easily being one of my staple’s this summer. The eyelet fabric, pom pom trim, classic cut… perfection! Can’t wait to style with everything from denim shorts to white jeans!

The last two pieces, this swimsuit and this dress, I bought for my honeymoon! I really was hoping to get a swimsuit, and am thrilled this one was included. And how fun and vibrant are the colors in this dress? I have a gorgeous pair of pink statement earrings I’m going to wear it with!

Other Sale Favorites

While I kept myself to 5 pieces today, there are so many other adorable items in the Lilly Pulitzer after party sale this year! I’m so excited that tomorrow, new releases to the sale will hit the site. So be sure to check back again to see my faves!

Here are a few of my very favorites:

I always love y’alls thoughts about the sale! Did you have to wait long in line? How was the  selection? What did you get?! I’m dying to know!

Love from Texas,



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  1. Lindsay said:

    I logged on right at 7 on my laptop with a 35 minute wait. Tried my iPad and it was over an hour! My phone let me right in though! I ended up with the Gianni romper (loved the cutouts too!) Also got the Tiegen and Joy dresses. Logged back on a few minutes later and grabbed a jumbo agenda too. Pretty seamless this year! Really considered some swimwear, but we just moved to St. Louis from Atlanta, and left behind our home with the in ground pool so decided I probably didn’t need any. 🤣

    Published 1.7.19 · Reply
  2. Laura said:

    Loved the sale this year! I got lucky and didn’t even have a wait – I entered the sale the second I opened the website! I bought the 29″ Kelly Ankle Length Skinny Pant in Bennet Blue Feelin Beachy! So excited!

    Published 1.7.19 · Reply
  3. The sale is great this year! I love everything you got, especially the blue dress/romper!


    Published 1.7.19 · Reply
  4. Elizabeth said:

    I am not sure what happened other than a gift from God himself, but I logged on at 7:30 and gpt right into the sale! No wait!! I got a pair of Run Around Shorts and a Luxletic tank to match. So lucky!! Love your picks, RESTRAINING myself from making another order!!

    Published 1.7.19 · Reply
  5. Marilyn said:

    I have scored things by calling a store. If they don’t have it they can look online and see what store does. This works when what you want is sold out on the website. Call Saturday for the best luck. They may say the web has all the inventory inc stores but I have not found that to be true!

    Published 1.7.19 · Reply
  6. katy said:

    I grabbed the Jackie Silk Shift Dress and the Luxletic skort–which will be fun as I have no idea..is it a skirt? shorts? a swimsuit? The swimsuits went so fast!

    Published 1.8.19 · Reply