lilly pulitzer after party sale 2017 // important details

lilly pulitzer after party sale 2017

TOP   lilly pulitzer elsa top (purchased from the last After Party Sale)   |   JEANS   lilly pulitzer white jeans   |   BRACELET   gold bar bracelet   |   BRACELET   simple gold bracelet   |   EARRINGS   gold hoop earrings   |   LIP COLOR   pink nouveau

*** U P D A T E ***

I just got into the sale (12:15PM CST) and ended up buying 6 items! I didn’t think the selection was quite as robust as the last sale, but I scored big time non the less! I’m keeping my six picks secret for a haul video… but I had to share my FAVORITE purchase… this pink pom pom dress! I’ve had it on my radar for a while, and was giddy to see it included in the sale! Also, a quick heads up that this two-piece set I wore this past summer (see the post HERE) is included in the sale. Yippee! The wait is worth it y’all. Good luck!

HOORAY! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is LIVE! Pardon the excessive use of all-caps. This girl is just too excited. Here is all the info you need to know!


8 AM EST on Thursday January 5th – 1 PM EST on Friday January6th

(For Central Standard Time girls, that’s 7 AM for us!)


As many of you know, Lilly Pulitzer NEVER goes on sale but for one exception… the After Party Sale! You’ll find tons, and I mean tons of prints and styles included. It’s crazy! I’m not kidding. Every year the site gets flooded with traffic, people lose their minds, it’s big time y’all.

B E S T   T I P S

  • SET UP AN ACCOUNT NOW // Having an account allows you to click “purchase” right away and not have to mess with inputting your shipping and payment details once you’re signed in. When it comes to shopping this sale, time is of the essence. Things sell out literally in the blink of an eye, so you save valuable seconds! Click HERE to make yours.
  • PREPARE YO’SELF // Get up early, make sure you’re signed into your account, and start refreshing the Lilly Pulitzer page during the 5-10 minutes leading up to the sale. That way, you’re guaranteed to get in the earliest line position as possible!
  • USE FILTERS // Once you enter the sale, you’ll see that you can filter the results by different criteria. The first thing I recommend you do is to filter by your size. I’ve waisted time in the past by failing to do this, and clicking on lots of items only to see my size wasn’t available. Lesson learned! You can also use this for prints.
  • CHECK OUT, YOU’RE OUT // Keep in mind that once you check out, you loose your spot in line. I made the mistake last year of finding one item I  loved and checking out right away for fear that it would sell out if I didn’t. I didn’t realize that kicked me out of the site! I had to get back in line and wait another hour before shopping the rest of the sale.

H A P P Y   S H O P P I N G

Over the past year and a half this sale has improved tremendously! It used to be something I didn’t get a ton of value out of, but it’s now an event I recommend whole-heartedly, and personally shop! I had the best experience scooping up some incredible pieces last go-around (I’m wearing one of the pieces in the outfit above!) and am really looking forward to tomorrow. Here’s hoping it’s just as colorful! If you’d like to see just how great the sale is, watch my haul from the last Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale above!

C U R R E N T   L I L L Y   F A V E S

To get us in the Lilly Pulitzer spirit, here are a few of my favorite pieces on the site right now!

Love from Texas,


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  1. What size did you buy in the Larina shift dress (hot coral dress)? I’m on the fence about which one to order :)

    Published 1.5.17 · Reply
  2. Andrea said:

    You have such cute clothes!! I am also curious to see what size you ordered in the Larina Shift. I bought this in the after party sale yesterday as well as the Kennedy Crop Top & Skirt set, which I know you have! We look to be about the same size, and depending on the style, I tend to bounce from XS to S, and from a 0 to a 2!

    Published 1.6.17 · Reply
  3. Katie said:

    Oh my gosh, Kate- this is so cute! I love this Elsa on you and seeing a peak of your apartment! I definitely agree about what was in the sale- I feel like spreading the release of items out a bit more didn’t help as much but I still grabbed some cute items!


    Published 1.6.17 · Reply
  4. That’s cool! Thanks for the info! Bright colors look great on you ?

    Stylista Fitness

    Published 1.7.17 · Reply
  5. Maggie said:

    This is actually the first month I haven’t bought anything from the Lilly Sale but can’t wait to see what you got!

    Published 1.9.17 · Reply
  6. Kells Lynch said:

    Do you know when the summer sale usually falls? I just want to be prepared for it!

    Published 6.13.17 · Reply
  7. lelsie s said:

    What date is the August 2017 after party lilly pulitzer sale?

    Published 8.11.17 · Reply
  8. adriane jahnke said:

    Hi there! I just found your site which is adorable! As a fellow ginger I was wondering if you use sunless tanner? If so may I ask what kind? Your tan looks great! TIA! =)

    Published 8.15.17 · Reply
  9. Shari Arnold said:

    So looking forward to the summer 2017 after party sale. Any idea of the date?

    Published 8.20.17 · Reply