Jump Then FALL

I’m convinced that deep down inside every one of us is a little kid who doesn’t want to let go of summer. My “summer country” playlist stays on repeat, well, pretty much all year, I wear cowboy boots and sundresses well into fall for game days, and my swimsuit stays in my top drawer regardless of it’s impending uselessness.

But once school begins, I’m finally able to say goodbye to my summer mentality. So I’m sending it off and welcoming autumn in a little ensemble I hope you’ll enjoy.

A Walk

With the dawn of pumpkin spiced lattes and evenings by the fire on the horizon, I paired this vibrant scarf (an impulse buy from Milk, an LA boutique I visited with my roommates this past spring) with a classic lace frock.

A Walk

The duo turned out to be more lovely than I had planned, and I’m already looking forward to pairing it with boots later on this season.

A Walk

As much as I’m sad to bid farewell to banana boat tanning oil and lazy afternoons by the lake, I’m excited to begin a new semester in Austin.

A Walk

Classes started yesterday, and now that rush is over, I get the chance to acclimate to my home away from home. (Which won’t be hard now that me and 58 of my closest friends are all living under the same roof together!)

A Walk

I hope you are also looking forward to the frosty months ahead! Have you begun preparations for autumn? Still in denial that summer’s at a close? I feel ya!

A Walk

I’d love to hear what you’re most excited about for the fall! Is Christmas music on anyone’s list? Too soon? ;) Best wishes as always! And lots of love.

Join in on the fun!


  1. Meggie said:

    I love this outfit!!! So perfect for fall :)
    I definitely like to hold onto summer as long as possible- but pumpkin season, fall baking and riding boots always gets me excited for the fall :)


    Published 8.29.13 · Reply
  2. Dale said:

    I adore your dress! Perfect transition look into fall.

    Published 8.29.13 · Reply
  3. This is beautiful! Is this in Austin?

    Published 8.30.13 · Reply
  4. Kate said:

    Your dress is amazing. I love how you paired the scarf with it to transition to fall.

    Published 9.3.13 · Reply
  5. Love this! Yes… I am sad that summer is over too :(

    Published 9.3.13 · Reply
  6. Leslie said:

    So stunning! Love how you paired this scarf and dress. I’m visiting via the lace linkup :) I’m an Arkansas girl so I can appreciate your love for the South! Best of luck with classes.

    Published 9.3.13 · Reply
  7. Ahh- cutest dress ever! Stopping by from the trend spin link up!


    Published 9.3.13 · Reply
  8. Inge said:

    This dress is beautiful! I really like it paired with your scarf.

    Published 9.4.13 · Reply