the every day dress

When it comes to casual style, I am the biggest supporter of the every day dress. Why? Because while it looks so put together (even more-so than jeans and a blouse, in my opinion), it is just about the most comfortable style out there. Cute + comfortable = killing two birds with one stone, y’all. That’s how I like to do it!

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DRESS   navy striped t-shirt dress (wearing size XS)   |   BUTTON DOWN   green gingham button down   |   NECKLACE   block monogram necklace (size L)   |   BAG   leopard crossbody   |   SHOES   adidas superstar  sneakers   |   EARRINGS   pearl studs   |   LIP COLOR   mod pink

I wore this striped every day dress all summer – most notably, on my latest excursion to Paris! (You’ll find it in my Paris style guide.) Not only was it perfect for long days on-foot in the city, it’s proved to be the perfect transition piece to the Texas version of “fall” as well!

To switch up the look and add a bit more of an autumn feel, I wrapped a new hunter green gingham button down around the waist. Topping it all off with white sneaks and a pop of leopard (seriously, how cute is this leopard bag?!) made for a street-chic look that, no lie, I wore three days in a row last week.

And I’m not mad about it.

As the weather continues to cool off, I look forward to seasoning this dress yet again with riding boots and a warm cardigan and blanket scarf. This is truly the definition of a “staple piece,” friends!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Such a cute outfit! I had a similar dress and have pair it with a light weight army green jacket! perfect outfit transitioning to fall.

    Published 10.11.16 · Reply
  2. Such an awesome look! I’ll have to recreate this one!!

    Published 10.11.16 · Reply
  3. Elizabeth said:

    Love this dress – so pretty!

    Published 10.11.16 · Reply
  4. Tara said:

    Love the bag! The dress will look stunning with a red accessory too! x

    Published 10.11.16 · Reply
  5. Anastasia said:

    Love this look…can you please tell us what you do as a leg workout? Your thighs and calves are AMAZING!!!!

    Published 10.11.16 · Reply
  6. Mariah said:

    So perfect! Such a great everyday look.

    Published 10.11.16 · Reply
  7. Kathryn said:

    I love a great simple dress like this! Perfect for transitioning to fall.

    xx Kathryn

    Published 10.11.16 · Reply
  8. Lauren said:

    I love how you transitioned a summer piece to something you can wear in the fall time!

    Published 10.11.16 · Reply
  9. You are seriously the cutest- you have the best hair! Every insta you post has me so jealous!



    Published 10.11.16 · Reply
  10. Marta said:

    That dress is really cute and it’s really easy to style as well. :)

    Published 10.12.16 · Reply
  11. Olivia said:

    I’ve been looking for a simple striped dress like that all summer! Looks great on you!


    Published 10.12.16 · Reply
  12. I love the pattern mixing between the dress’s stripes and the plaid shirt! So cute.

    Caitlyn |

    Published 10.12.16 · Reply
  13. Ada said:

    Oh my gosh, these photos are precious. That dress not only looks more put together than jeans and a blouse, but also so much more comfortable. Loved the pairing – I have a similar dress and will definitely be taking inspiration from this post about how to wear it :)

    Published 10.13.16 · Reply