A Week in Seaside

I have a quick question for you… How is it that we are already in the middle of August? An internship at the amazing Igniter Media kept me busy from early June to the middle of July. Last week was a gorgeous vacation in Seaside, Florida. This week was a perfect trip to Charlotte, North Carolina. Today is the move to Austin for the new school semester.


How did this all happen so quickly? In order to prolong summer just a bit more, I’m reflecting on my family’s 6th annual spree in Seaside as I promised! The week was incredible, and I tried to capture as much of it as I could. So grab a popsicle and come along!

You can be sure there were plenty of sweet treats [frostbites]

Seaside Summer

good eats [great southern]

Seaside Summer

impromptu meet-ups with cherished friends

Seaside Summer

southern charm [george’s]

Seaside Summer

and a hefty dose of humidity

Seaside Summer

sunsets, lots of ’em

Seaside Summer

buckets of sea creatures [perspicacity]

Seaside Summer

a little Lilly

Seaside Summer

and a lot of family’n

Seaside Summer

The week provided me with rest, quiet, and a perfect “reboot” before the craziness of rush and the new semester kicks in. (yep that’s TOMORROW) After returning from Seaside llast Saturday night, I was off to Charlotte the following morning. I’m finally back from that, and can’t WAIT to give y’all a peek at how much fun me and Prince Charming had!

The next two weeks ahead are busy busy busy. Work week, rush, school, the whole shabang. As overwhelming as it is to look at it all upfront, I can’t wait to relive our week in Seaside whenever I need peace of mind!

Join in on the fun!

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  1. Meggie said:

    Gorgeous vacation photos- looks like you had a lovely time :)
    I love your Lilly maxi dress! I have the same one and it’s my favourite :)


    Published 8.11.13 · Reply