blue and white christmas decor

The older I get, the more I’ve come to really enjoy Monday mornings. I know, I know… Mondays are the first to get a bad rap. But there’s something about a fresh start that I love!

Know what else I love? Christmas decor! I typically enjoy decorating for Christmas right after Halloween (which I know is crazy to some, including my husband) but haven’t gotten around to this year’s festivities quite yet.

What I have been doing, however, is collecting all sorts of inspiration. Our house is filled primarily with whites and blues, and my goal is to decorate in a manner that complements the classic color scheme. I know blue and white is a favorite combination of many of you as well, so I thought it would be fun to share a little blue and white Christmas decor!

As you know, my collages are usually shoppable by clicking directly on an image. This time, head to the bottom of the inspiration board to shop by number!


a chinoiserie christmas

blue and white christmas decor


blue and white christmas decor,  chinoiserie


1. personalized styrofoam christmas cups | 2. mini ginger jar ornaments | 3. white nutcracker | 4. doctor nutcracker | 5. navy blue nutcracker | 6. blue and white nativity set | 7. faux fraser fir wreath | 8. gingham wreath ribbon | 9. white and blue scalloped stockings | 10. white and blue christmas gift tags | 11. monogrammed acrylic serving tray | 12. blue candles | 13. navy initial stockings | 14. juliska country estate plates | 15. embroidered christmas cocktail napkins | 16. mini blue christmas trees | 17. monogrammed nutcracker dinner napkins | 18. blue and white christmas garland | 19. blue and white chinoiserie ornament | 20. christmas chinoiserie wrapping paper | 21. chinoiserie christmas tree skirt | 22. mini christmas house figurine | 23. nest christmas candle | 24. christmas dog welcome mat | 25. blackwatch plaid paper plates | 26. blue and white christmas pillow

So many beautiful options, right?! My mother gifted me this beautiful blue and white nativity set last Christmas, and it has become one of, if not my very favorite, pieces of Christmas decor. I’ll definitely share more photos of it once we bring out our decorations!

I also just purchased this chinoiserie Christmas tree skirt, and am so looking forward to getting it in. It was a random Amazon find, and I’ll let you know how I like it once it arrives!

Whether you’ve already begun to deck your halls, or are waiting until after Thanksgiving to begin the festivities, I hope this post provides you with some fun inspiration!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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  1. Maureen said:

    I LOVE that wreath with the checkered bow! I will be buying that once I know what decor I have since I moved and don’t remember what I got rid of lol

    Published 11.9.20 · Reply
  2. Libby said:

    All of this is a dream, and I am adding it to my holiday decor inspo board too!! I cannot wait to see your finished product, Kate!! I have a similar decor vision, but I made add a few tartan bows around some ginger jars haha!!


    Published 11.9.20 · Reply
  3. I love all of these blue and white decorations! Those mini ginger jar ornaments are especially adorable, and the wrapping paper is beautiful too.

    Published 11.10.20 · Reply
  4. Such a very helpful blog for me I ever seen this block could never think of such a thing is possible with it thank u for this blog keep sharing it.

    Published 12.23.20 · Reply
  5. Anna said:

    My hubs favorite color is blue and every year he asked me to decorate our house in it. I have never done so because I cannot pick a tone of blue :) . You have inspired me to give it a try for next year2021. Everything in your decor is rich-looking. This is a very very good post.

    Published 2.22.21 · Reply
  6. Hello
    I have never done so because I cannot pick a tone of blue :) . You have inspired me to give it a try for next year2021. Everything in your decor is rich-looking. This is a very very good post.

    Published 2.25.21 · Reply