wedding wednesday no. 5 // our color palette

Hip hip hooray, it’s another Wednesday! After getting you all caught up last week on where Andrew and I are in terms of planning, I thought it would be fun to share an actual real, concrete detail of the day. Our color scheme!

You’ve already read about the three words I’m using to describe the look and feel of our wedding, so I think this little detail is going to help you visualize it even more fully!

Now, hold onto your seats, because I’m sure this is going to shock you. The color scheme we’ve landed on for our June wedding?


(I told you… groundbreaking, right?! :)

There are a lot of ways you can go in terms of bringing pink into a wedding, so I created a bit of an inspiration board so you can see more of what I mean.

I’m dreaming of sweet, light pinks mixed with subtle pops of happy, light greens and plenty of whites to create a look that reads more early-summer than Valentine’s day gone wrong. (You should have heard me at every florist appointment thus far… “We really want to stay away from white and hot pink polka dots everywhere.”)

Andrew’s thoughts on this feminine shade? “Whatever you want to do!” I think he’s biding his time for the final say in terms of the menu and song selections. Smart kid. :)

(One thing to note – while you’ll find things like pink shoes, pink invitations, even pink china below, they’re simply there to create some inspiration for the shades of and combinations of pink that I’m loving. That doesn’t mean we’re using all of these literal elements in our day!)

If the board above doesn’t scream “June wedding,” I don’t know what does! Doesn’t it feel so happy and bright? I smile everytime I look at this collage. That’s exactly the feeling I’m going for, so I’m so excited to be incorporating my favorite color into our day.

Let me be the first to say that I initially considered an all-white wedding. Even white bridesmaid dresses! If you’ve been to an all-white wedding you know. It’s just stunning. Stunning, elegant, timeless, the list goes on!

But as I really started to think through how I wanted others to experience the day, and how I wanted to experience it myself, I realized I wanted it to be personal and very representative of Andrew and I.

Since it’s no secret that I’ve always loved color, especially pink, and since June seemed so perfect for the hue, it didn’t take me long for me to shift gears to this oh-so-pretty color scheme!

Now, nothing involving color has really been finalized, so we’ll see where this initial stab at a color palette takes us and how much/little we choose to incorporate, as well as where we choose to incorporate it. But it’s so fun being able to actually dream about the day in color, and I hope it makes it a bit more real for you as well!

Now I want to know… if you’re married, what colors did you use in your wedding?? And if not, what’s the prettiest wedding color scheme you’ve ever seen?

Love from Texas,


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  1. Laura Fuller said:

    The color palette of my wedding (we didn’t call it that in 2000!) was royal blue & white. Planning wasn’t as complex back then. My florist thought I was crazy when I said I wanted all bouquets to be white and not huge. [That’s a little tid bit for you to think about…the bouquet gets HEAVY FAST…don’t go too big!]

    Prettiest wedding color pallete I’ve seen lately…Miss America 2017 Savvy Shields recent wedding! Blush & white. GORGEOUS.

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  2. Neely said:

    We got married in October and did white, Black, gold and dark purple. The purple was mostly just the flowers. Black jcrew bridesmaid dresses and pops of gold!

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  3. Simply Karna said:

    I’m not married but my uncle’s wedding featured white, gold, and natural greens, plus wood. They had lots of natural foliage everywhere and dark wood. It was an outdoor wedding and was so beautiful!

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  4. Annaliese said:

    Oh Kate this will be so beautiful! I’m not married but I feel like someday I will have a tough time picking colors- I really love all beautiful hues! Haha.

    xoxo A

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  5. Emily said:

    My color scheme was exactly like yours! As one who gets “nervous” around color, I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. I absolutely loved having the light pink, and even incorporated some blue and white china and vases! Looking back, I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  6. Allison said:

    Late June wedding here! We used a similar scheme with the pink, ivory, and greens, but also added mauve. Love the pink! It’s so you

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  7. Anna said:

    Hi Kate! I love that you are staying true to what represents you and Andrew. Our color scheme is a combination of my favorite color and my fiancés. Sage green, hues of blue, ivory, + light pink accents.

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  8. Megan said:

    Our wedding color scheme was plum, lilac, white, silver, gray, black, and lots of greenery! We also worked some peach and yellow into the flowers to add even more depth. I loved it!

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  9. Caitlin said:

    I love the shades of pink you picked out. Pink is my favorite color too! But my husband is not at all a pink guy so we went with deep red, black and white for our colors with some gold mixed in. It was perfect for a formal evening wedding.

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  10. Mary Kate said:

    You might love pink waxflowers… They’re totally darling!

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  11. Kristen said:

    Lots of blush pink with blue and white ginger jars and every now and then, a touch of navy. Just a touch. That would be so you and so perfect!

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  12. Valerie said:

    We had an October wedding ( just celebrated 3 years!) and our color palette was burgundy and teal, with hints of bronze. I absolutely adore jewel tones, and they fit in perfectly with a fall wedding.

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  13. Karen said:

    We used coral and gold for our wedding, in June

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  14. briana said:

    This color scheme feels so you! I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

    briana |

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  15. Love, love, love this happy and bright color scheme! My husband and I got married 3 years ago on May 30th and our colors were pink & navy-it ended up being perfect for our rustic glam wedding, equal parts happy and classy!

    Can’t wait to see the final product :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  16. Sarah said:

    I had mint bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen shirts. And then yellow daises! But our bouquets also had white carnations, purple filler, and greenery

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  17. I just got engaged in September! We have selected black and white! I want it formal (black tie) with lots of greenery and all white florals :-)

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  18. Michelle said:

    I’m getting married next October and we decided on burgundy, blush, and white! The thing I found most crazy about picking colors is our choice was not what I imagined we would land on AT ALL! Dreaming of my wedding as a young single woman I always dreamed of a colorful and bright navy yellow and white wedding in the spring. Now here I am, actually engaged, and we are looking at a romantic elegant fall wedding. It’s so funny how tastes change over time, and how the change to reflect you as a couple, and not just yourself!

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  19. Lauren said:

    I just recently got married this past June! (Yay June weddings!!) my bridesmaid dresses were ice blue and the flowers were white and blush pink! We had roses, hydrangeas and peonies with greenery added! I could not have been more pleased with how it turned out and how bright and summery it was!

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  20. Alex Dowlar said:

    Love the color scheme! I was also a June bride. Our colors were Navy, blush, and Champagne. We did use a some greenery to bring out a little more rustic look.

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  21. Brande said:

    I got married 3 weeks ago and had a jewel toned wedding!

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  22. Katie said:

    This looks so you! We had a white and gold color scheme and it was my absolute dream come true! Our flowers had some pink roses and peonies for a little color. My florist worked hard to find me peonies in December! Haha

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  23. Kelly said:

    We did all shades of pink and green for our July wedding back in 2012! Love love loved it. I ALLLLMOST wore the most fabulous blush pink Monique Lhuillier wedding gown but I couldn’t bear to shell out $7k for the dress, tragically. I still think of it to this day!

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  24. Megan said:

    OMG! You had a pink wedding, I love it.

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  25. Lucas said:

    I’ve seen weddings done with light pistachio hues and lace it’s been gorgeous for adding little green details to a white slate or in combination with bright florals etc.

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  26. I have seen many weddings that use pink and they are beautiful every time! Sucha great and fun color.
    xx, Merritt
    The Style Scribe

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  27. Harley said:

    Navy, pink, and white!!

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  28. Amanda said:

    I LOVE the color for a summer wedding! I am planning a wedding for October of 2019 and these are the colors we have chosen!

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  29. Catherine said:

    I love love love that color scheme! It made me smile, too. I even love the touches of blue and white pottery in your collage. So timeless!

    For my January wedding, we decided on an all white color palette. White flowers with rich deep greenery. White bridesmaids dresses. White linens. We even rode away in a white carriage after being showered with white rose petals. It all made up for the fact that we don’t have white winters in San Antonio!! Looking back at pictures almost three years later, I still smile as I remember every detail.

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  30. Alexandra said:

    Getting married next June as well! Our color is dusty blue, with lots greenery and ivory! Getting married in the mountains lakeside so trying to lighten up the venue as much as possible!

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  31. Rachel said:

    I was also a June wedding and used hues of blue (blue has ALWAYS been my color). My bridesmaids were in navy, flower girls were in light blue seeersucker, and blue and white hydrangeas were the main focus in our flower arrangements. Our tablecloths were a textured light blue with navy menus and silver and white accents everywhere. Our custom monogram even had the blue hydrangeas incorporated into it. It was gorgeous and I still can’t get over how well it all represented our person style.

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  32. Laurie said:

    My daughter married last September and she did pale pinks with white. Gold was there in pops like the vases for flowers, the chairs, gold chargers etc. She had a very traditional wedding in a church and a reception at a club. She wanted a timeless wedding. Wedding invites very traditional as well. It turned out wonderful.

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  33. Kristin said:

    Our wedding color scheme was “dove” and navy blue! Dove was this beautiful lavender gray that paired perfectly with navy and champagne metallic for our early April wedding! I actually didn’t have have color scheme until we went bridesmaid gown shopping and my friend Lindsey pulled a “dove” Amsale gown from the rack! Love at first sight!

    Published 10.31.18 · Reply
  34. Taylor Frizzell said:

    Our color scheme consisted of light purples, think lilac/lavender, with pops of silver. My bridesmaids wore black convertible dresses because I wanted them to be able to wear them again, which they all have. It was perfect!

    Published 11.1.18 · Reply
  35. Caroline said:

    I was married in June of this year and our colors were blush pink, white, gold, and navy– so obviously I like your palette!

    Published 11.1.18 · Reply
  36. Sidney said:

    I’m actually getting married this Saturday! My colors are Cinderella blue, white, and gold! I’m a lover of happy colors as well and it’s still bright and happy without being “out of season” and I’m obsessed!

    Published 11.1.18 · Reply
  37. Jessica said:

    Hi Kate! Love this cheery and fresh colour scheme! We got married in the spring in Italy and went with white, green and champagne. We wanted to work with the natural colours around us and decorated with lots of green olive branches and white peonies. It felt nice and clean and fresh! I also considered all white, but liked the warmth that the champagne colour provided. Another colour scheme I love is Navy, white and blush, or navy, white and gold! Happy planning!!

    Published 11.1.18 · Reply
  38. Courtney said:

    We did different shades of blue (navy and light) for an ethereal, airy feeling. Us Kappas sure do love a blue (or two!)

    Published 11.1.18 · Reply
  39. Kayla Michelle Pelletier said:

    We were alll pinks!!! Speaking of florist, one thing I would think long and hard about esp if you want to have pink florals is to steer away from pink peonies HEAR ME OUT! Sometimes with the heat will cause the flowers to wilt. My florist recommended Juliet roses instead and if Missouri is anything like Texas, she knew that the peonies would wilt in 5 seconds flat in the middle of june my insta is km.pelletier if you want to check it out! My color scheme was 100% what you had in mind

    Published 11.1.18 · Reply
  40. Ashley said:

    This reminds me of an updated, modern version of Shelby’s wedding in Steel Magnolias, blush and bashful. I’m sure it won’t look anything like that though, and it will be gorgeous.

    Published 11.1.18 · Reply
  41. Ashley said:

    I’m the same as you, have always been obsessed with pinks! I got married in April and our colors were pink and champagne with lots of greenery in our flowers to complement. I absolutely loved our colors and felt like they were very springy :)

    Published 11.1.18 · Reply
  42. Bailey said:

    Hi Kate! Was wondering what app you use to make your collages?

    Published 11.1.18 · Reply
  43. Hannah Fleming said:

    Hi! I am also married to a former HP scot (c/o ‘03)! We used junior from the garden gate floral for our April 2011 Dallas wedding at University Park UMC and reception at the rooftop of the chase bank building downtown. I did shades of deeper pinks and literally brought in a painters color swatch thing from Home Depot and told them to run with that scheme and it worked out beautifully! I also got my dress from Warren Barron bridal which has now moved to snider plaza and had the most INCREDIBLE amazing experience with their team with my blush colored Vera Wang gown! Couldn’t give them a higher recommendation if you haven’t considered visiting them yet! These teams along with Jess Barfield photography Good luck and happy planning!

    Published 11.1.18 · Reply
  44. Whitney said:

    Love the color palette of white and pink! I’m also pink obsessed, but not so much my hubby. So my colors ended up being mint, gold, & pink. My bridesmaids wore dresses with gold sequin tops and mint skirts. The guys wore black tuxedos with champagne vests and ties. Our bouquets were white with beautiful, soft pops of pink, as well as the florals at our reception. The undershirt of my dress was also an ever-so-subtle shade of “gardenia pink.” I got my pink, but it wasn’t “too much” for my hubby.

    Published 11.2.18 · Reply
  45. I absolutely love every picture in this collage. If I could redo my wedding I would. 😂 but I may use this color theme for my 50th birthday party!! Gorgeous!!

    Published 11.3.18 · Reply
  46. Mary Ashleigh said:

    I’m also getting married in June and we chose blush pink and navy as our color scheme with accents of gold.

    Published 11.4.18 · Reply
  47. Torie said:

    Love it!! Pink will always look great, even when looking back 20 years from now! I used like a dusty rose for my bridesmaids dresses and chair covers, gold for the little accents and chargers and my dress had a champagne satin under the ivory lace, the colour of my belt was called Parisian Rose which matched almost perfectly with the bridesmaids dresses!

    Published 11.5.18 · Reply
  48. Taylor Turner said:

    Hi Kate,
    I got engaged 2 weeks ago. We are taking engagement photos in the next 2 months. I would love if you did a post on What to wear for engagement photos! I am at a total loss on what to wear because mine will be outdoors in the winter. Luckily I live in The Woodlands so I don’t have to worry about it being to cold. Thank you so much for sharing your wedding journey with us.

    Published 11.5.18 · Reply
  49. Lindsey said:

    I always dreamed of an all white wedding too! Or all light colors at least. It is so elegant. Everyone thought I was crazy and that light color bridesmaids dresses would take away from the bride. But I completely disagree I think that when you have bright blue bridesmaid dresses im gonna notice that more than the bride. I couldn’t find any dresses I liked though so I ended up going with mauve colored dresses, which is so unlike me because ive never liked pink of any kind but it all turned out amazing. We had a lot of cream and green elements with hints of mauve. Your
    wedding is gonna be so amazing, I cant wait to see it!

    Published 11.6.18 · Reply
  50. Taylor said:

    Love it Kate!
    I totally get the “not this color but this…” our colors were blue and pink BUT NOT baby shower haha
    My dress was pink satin with a lace overlay and my bridesmaids wore an almost cornflower color dress. We had lighted blush and silver mercury spheres with greens as our center pieces. I was able to weed a lot of florists out when I said I did not what an arrangement and then that’s what they showed me 😂 soft glowy romantic were our (my) words for the wedding and it was perfect!

    Published 11.6.18 · Reply