white on white

white mini skirtwhite mini skirtwhite mini skirtwhite mini skirt

TOP   lace tube top   |   SKIRT   white mini skirt   |   SHOES   ankle wrap wedges   |   CLUTCH   white embroidered tassel clutch   |   BRACELET   link bracelet c/o   |   EARRINGS   gold hoop earrings

April, to me, has always signified the true start of spring in my book. The day before it rolls around, I pack up all of my winter clothes and flood my closet with all of the color and light I can! Out with the old, in with the new. And by new I mean maxi dresses and sun dresses and jean shorts and off the shoulder tops and shift dresses and peplum tank tops and printed shorts… you get the idea.

I’m embracing that mentality full-on with today’s all-white ensemble! You may remember this white mini skirt from the Palm Beach blog post I published a few weeks back. I don’t repeat here on the blog often, so when I do you know it’s a piece I can’t get enough of! It made the perfect pair to this lace tube top, since I loved the unique and darling look of the blouse but wanted a waistline high enough to prevent a lot of skin showing. (I actually tucked the top into the skirt so none showed at all.)

The product shot shows the model wearing it with high-waisted jeans, and it’s darling! That’s the look I’ll be creating with it next, and yes… the jeans will most certainly be white. I have to admit it… white on white is one color combination I simply never tire of!

In other news, I wanted to let y’all know that a site-wide sale by one of my favorite retailers is starting tomorrow! Be sure to check back here on Wednesday morning for a full guide.

Love from Texas,


P.S. I made a fun new spring purchase yesterday, and am SO excited about it! Click here to see what it is!

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  1. Sally said:

    Kate, this outfit is beyond cute! I have been loving all of your white themed outfits recently! I think that the bag makes the one- it’s so cute with its textured pattern!

    Sweetly, Sally // http://www.sweetlysally.com

    Published 4.11.17 · Reply
  2. great ideas

    Published 4.11.17 · Reply
  3. Julia said:

    Loving that top! So versatile for spring/summer!


    Published 4.11.17 · Reply
  4. Lauren said:

    This is so cute! I love how spring it is and simple!
    Lauren | Pretty as a Peony

    Published 4.11.17 · Reply
  5. kelsey said:

    This outfit is amazing I love it, perfect for spring.
    Xo, Kelsey | http://www.petiteinherpearls.com

    Published 4.11.17 · Reply
  6. what a lovely outfit … is spring already over and it’s now summer? ;) Tonight here it will freeze!!!


    Published 4.18.17 · Reply
  7. Im completely loving this post especially the great editorial photography!

    Published 10.1.18 · Reply
  8. Apirl said:

    Love the look Kate! The high wasted jeans are always a fantastic choice!

    Published 4.15.21 · Reply