wedding wednesday // my march bridal shower

As I slowly get back to the post-wedding norm here in Florida (TBH would never have thought it would take as long as seven months but here we are… and I’m still not entirely sure my head is screwed back on straight!) I’m having the best time ramping these Wedding Wednesday posts back up.

I did not fully anticipate just how much of a whirlwind the final month before the wedding would be, then, not to mention, our huge move to Florida! There’s still so much I have to share, including our reception photos, a Q&A with my fabulous hair and makeup artist, and so much more. Sitting down to reflect on it all once again has simply been the best.

Today, I wanted to cover the beautiful bridal shower my mother’s best friends threw for me back in March! I remember at this point, the wedding was about two months away and things were starting to feel real. This was my first wedding-related party, and that night I left feeling on top of the world. I was actually getting married, and thanks to this shower, I had physical proof in the form of charcuterie boards, champagne buckets, and so many more lovely gifts.

Today, I wanted to share a few photos from the evening (all iphone, so forgive the quality!) and share a bit more about the special women who put it on and all the fun we had. Let’s dive in!


the bridal shower



what i wore


pearl-trimmed jumpsuit (wearing size 0 regular) // earrings (old kate spade, similar linked) // shoes // lip color (shade: merry rose)


the hostesses


Dana Cagle. Joyce Roth. Tina Danze.

Otherwise known as my mother’s group of fabulous friends! For as long as I can remember, these four have been as thick as thieves. Growing up, they were all part of a dinner club, and I can still remember the times it was held at our house!

As you might guess, these women (my mother included) are fabulous chefs. My sister and I would peek from behind the closed door into the party and try to soak in all of the music, delicious smells, and laughter. I remember thinking “This is what adults do. They get together and cook fabulous meals and have fabulous parties.” Fast forward to today… Andrew’s and my recipe for a great party is ordering pizza and playing board games. You have to start somewhere I guess! :)

(Speaking of fabulous chefs, stop what you’re doing and check out this adorable blog of Dana’s daughter Sara! She’s currently a first-year culinary student in Florence, Italy (I mean… the dream) and documents all she’s learning and experiencing in a hilarious, personable and fun way through her wonderful writing. My mom and I love reading about her adventures, especially her recent post on Christmas festivities. You can also check out her foodie fun on Instagram here!)

Needless to say, I felt like a celebrity having this group throw me a bridal shower. As you’ll soon discover, so much detail and thought went into it that my mother and I still talk about it today!


the theme


“Cheers to the bride to be!”

It’s no secret that bridal showers can get a bit… well… routine, if you know what I mean. Stand around and drink punch. Open gifts. Eat petit fours. You know the drill. Thanks to the fabulous hostesses, this evening was anything but!

The theme for the night, “Cheers to the bride to be,” was all about entertaining! Think: wine, charcuterie, and, naturally, a nod to my wedding color pink. On this special Thursday night (perfectly timed, allowing friends to come right after work without cutting into anyone’s weekend) the hostesses created the most stunning, table-wide charcuterie spread and overall created a fabulous and fun ambiance. And let me tell you, photos simply cannot do justice. (More on the phenomenal food later.)

Another fun nod to entertaining? The invitation encouraged guests to bring their favorite bottle of wine and a gift to help me entertain in style! I can’t tell you what fun it was to open these bottles and hear the stories of why each gift giver loved them. As newlyweds, Andrew and I have loved opening these up and enjoying them over these past few months!

It was such a fun departure from the wedding showers I’d been to before, and I can’t encourage the “entertaining” theme enough if you’re looking for a bit of bridal shower inspiration!


the food


Like I mentioned above, the food was the talk of the party. Just get these women together and get ready to eat. They always hit it out of the park!

A few favorites? First off, the amazing charcuterie board I mentioned above. Again, I wish you could have seen it. Truly jaw-dropping!

Next? The ice cubes! “Did she just say ice cubes?” Oh yes I did. You see, the hostesses took the time to freeze beautiful rose blooms in cubes of ice for the champagne and wine bottles. I wanted to sit and stare at that tub all night long. Can you even? I love that you can recreate this for any color scheme you wish!

Finally, the mini, fresh strawberry cupcakes. Oh my word. If you’re thinking store-bought, cute-but-slightly-stale cupcakes, think again. These minis are straight from the Southern Living test kitchen, and I probably ate over ten of them. (And this was smack in the middle of my wedding-prep eating weirdness, so you know they had to be good.)


the fun


Like I mentioned above, this was the first wedding event for me and Andrew, and as you can imagine, it kicked things off on the most incredible note. I remember thinking that I’d never felt so loved!

I had the best time hugging girlfriends, catching up with friends of my mother and mother-in-law, and opening up the most thoughtful, beautiful entertaining gifts. Andrew’s grandmothers and aunt even came in from Oklahoma and Louisiana! Safe to say, it was an evening for the books.

I want to thank the fabulous hostesses, Dana, Joyce, and Tina, yet again for a night that I’ll cherish forever. We’re coming up on the one-year mark since the event… care to go for round two? :)

I think it’s so special hearing about the showers friends throw for their loved ones. If you had a party thrown for you, or if you threw one for someone else that you absolutely loved, I’m dying to hear about it in the comments below!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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  1. Liz said:

    The charcuterie looks amazing and mouthwatering. Also, the scallions (green onions) remind me of how the most sophisticated lady on my block growing up taught me to bite right into a scallion, which she served alongside every sandwich.

    The first time I attended a bridal shower in the South hosted by the bride’s mother’s friends, I couldn’t believe the level of hospitality (I was from elsewhere.) I remember the ladies graciously going around the tables constantly refilling all the guest’s sweet tea and water from glass pitchers, which I don’t think I had ever experienced before (except in restaurants.)

    Published 1.29.20 · Reply
  2. So glad these are back, Kate!!! As a fellow newlywed, I completely understand your exhaustion and sense of still getting settled, and I am glad you are taking your time and giving yourself all the grace!

    Published 1.30.20 · Reply
  3. These photographs are stunning!

    Published 2.1.20 · Reply
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  6. So beautiful, all of that.

    Published 8.5.22 · Reply
  7. LOL BEANS said:

    The photos are amazing and made a big impression on me

    Published 3.9.23 · Reply