’tis the season // gift ideas for your guy

It’s here, friends! Each year, this continues to be my most highly-requested gift guide. Let’s be honest, it can be so impossible to come up with thoughtful and useful gifts for the men in our lives. My hope is this gift guide gives you lots of fun inspiration!

Unlike my usual collage posts, you won’t be able to click directly on each image to shop. Rather, scroll below for a list of links!

To kick things off, I wanted to briefly chat about one super fun gift idea. You all freaked out when you saw the 3D miniature version Andrew made of himself and gifted to me. (Oh yes… it’s still sitting on display in our living room.) After lots of research, I finally found how you can get one too!

Andrew made his at this store in Key West. This company, Doob, also makes them and has a few more locations across the US. Not located anywhere nearby, or want to make on without ruining the surprise? Check out this Etsy store! I haven’t personally used them but the reviews look great.

Ok, friends. Now I’ll shut up and let you enjoy!


gift ideas for your guy


ONE 3d clone statue // TWO putting green // THREE air pod pro // FOUR carhartt henley shirt // FIVE barrington canvas captain’s bag // SIX monogrammed golf towel // SEVEN monogrammed charging block // EIGHT whistle gps dog collar // NINE growler keg // TEN customized garment bag // ELEVEN trout pint glasses // TWELVE weighted blanket // THIRTEEN puppy pj pants // FOURTEEN jack black lip balm // FIFTEEN turntable // SIXTEEN monogrammed cufflinks // SEVENTEEN amazon linen shirt // EIGHTEEN ugg slippers // NINETEEN aaron franklin bbq masterclass

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  1. Kelsey said:

    I love your picks! I have the putting green on my list for my brother!
    Xo, Kelsey

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