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SKIRT   scallop corduroy skirt ($12, wearing size XS)   |   SWEATER   twist sweater (camel sold out, worn backwards)   |   SHOES   suede pointy toe pumps   |   CLUTCH   ysl clutch   |   EARRINGS   pearl studs

When it comes to embracing trends, my strategy is this: try them out at a budget-friendly price. Since the “hottest,” most “on trend” items only stick around for a couple of seasons, I’m all about adding inexpensive pops to my wardrobe while saving bigger ticket purchases for classic pieces I’ll own for years.

The wrap sweater is one I’ve been seeing all over lately, so I finally decided to pull the trigger when I found one for $16! The material isn’t incredibly thick or sudsy-soft, but for $16 it’s a great deal. I decided to wear this sweater with the twist at the back, and have loved pairing it with everything from jeans to this scalloped skirt! It’s definitely become a go-to in recent weeks.

Which brings me to my second budget buy, this $12 scalloped skirt! Again, you get what you pay for with this piece. The material itself is very thin, but the fit and look of the skirt made it totally worth it in my book!

I always get tons of follow-up questions whenever I post an item from SheIn, so here are my thoughts in a nutshell… is the site legit? In my experience, yes.

  • While orders may take a few weeks to ship, they’ve always gotten to me. My latest order took about 3 weeks to get to me. I’ve heard of some people not receiving orders, but have had successful deliveries with each of the almost ten orders I’ve placed.
  • Keep in mind that oftentimes the product photo looks much nicer than the actual product. Take this sweater for example… I ordered it and the scallops ended up looking like points in real life, as seen on me here. I steer clear of things that look too detailed, complicated, or “too good to be true.”
  • Some pieces won’t work. That’s just the truth of it! I’ve learned what typically comes out cute and what is a risk, and therefore had really good success with pieces I’ve ordered. (Remember this dress I wore to a bridal shower?) Every once in a while, however, something will arrive that is just not at all what I was expecting. Returns are a crazy hassle, so I count it as a loss. Keep that in mind when you’re ordering!
  • Say no to swimwear. I have ordered a few different styles here and there, and none of them have worked. They’ve all been cut too small and hardly qualify as swimsuit material. (I’d be terrified to get them in water!) No matter how cute, I’d stay away!
  • When it comes to shoes, I don’t have too much experience. I’ve only purchased one pair, these Hermés dupe sandals, and have loved them! I wore them all summer and plan on bringing them back out for these next few months as well. So while I’m 1 for 1 in the shoe department, I really can’t speak for the whole site itself.

All in all, I’d recommend SheIn if you’re comfortable with the lower quality and the risk of something not working. If you’re looking for a special piece (prom dress, let’s say) or are hoping to get stellar quality for a crazy low price, it’s probably not for you!

Just my two cents… do you have any tips for shopping SheIn?

Love from Texas,


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  1. Beautiful outfit with these neutral colors ;)

    Published 2.22.18 · Reply
  2. Angela said:

    I’ve never ordered from SheIn before but I found the cutest dress… I’m nervous about sizing but I think after reading your post it convinced me to give it a try!
    Angela | Cue the Coffee

    Published 2.22.18 · Reply
  3. Mia said:

    Love your outfit, Kate! I’ve started shopping at SheIn for great budget friendly, trendy pieces and my #1 tip is to know your measurements before you order! While I typically wear a small in tops, when it comes to SheIn I’ve worn every size from XS-L. Most items have detailed measurements for each size listed when you hover your cursor over the size your looking at. So far everything I’ve ordered has fit perfectly!

    Thanks for sharing your tips!

    Published 2.22.18 · Reply
  4. Emma said:

    I’ve ordered one or two things from Shein but these are some great tips! Their prices are sometimes too great to pass up.

    Emma | Seeking the South

    Published 2.22.18 · Reply
  5. Allie said:

    I’ve never heard of that site before, I’m excited to check it out! Too good to be true is one of my mottos for every purchase – I find that as long as I don’t expect the moon for $9.99 I’m happy with the quality of bargain buys. Thanks for sharing! xAllie

    Published 2.22.18 · Reply
  6. Anna said:

    Thanks for tips! Very nice look! xo xo :))

    Published 2.23.18 · Reply
  7. NA said:

    Personally, I love your page and your style! But every time you promote shein to your thousands of readers my heart breaks a little. I know this is your career and its how you make money, but at the same time, I also think you need to be advocating thoughtful consumer practices to your readers.

    Please consider watching the documentary “The True Cost.” The fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry and it is because of websites such as shein, which also most likely also employ child labor. As a fashion forward lady myself, I understand the need for affordable clothing options. But one of the ways the documentary lists fighting the pollution of the industry is to buy quality items!

    Not trying to bash you in any way, just hoping you’ll take the time to really consider this.

    Thank you.

    A reader since 2015

    Published 2.24.18 · Reply
  8. India said:

    I like what you said about shopping for trendier pieces at a lower price and saving the big bucks for classic pieces! I will definitely try that!

    Published 2.26.18 · Reply
  9. Paige said:

    I don’t shop with Shein or any fast fashion brand. They don’t post any information about where their clothes are made or whether they are concerned with ethical treatment of people, animals, or planet. Responsible brands post this information transparently. The reason their prices are so low is because their items are made with slave labor. There is no excuse to promote fast fashion in this day and age when we have so much information about how exploitative it is. Also, Shein recently sold a Swastika necklace on their website, so there’s that.

    Published 7.13.20 · Reply
  10. your collection is so nice {ou just made my life easy. Thank you for sharing this information through your Artical

    Published 3.16.22 · Reply
  11. Totally my thinking as well.
    I never heard about shein before. Thanks for sharing this information Kate.
    Loved the blog!


    Published 4.1.22 · Reply
  12. That’s pretty good.
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Published 8.17.22 · Reply