Target’s Shoe of the Season

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I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve seen the darling Lavada Slide Sandal from Target. I bumped into these beauties in the store one day, and immediately got that jittery, impatient, do-they-have-them-in-my-size feeling in my stomach. (You get that too, right?)

Official Lavada

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been delighted to see that I’m not alone in my love at first sight obsession with this shoe.  The outfits I came across on Instagram were so darling that I had to share a few! I hope they inspire your summer wardrobes and put a little pep in your step!

[Before we start, note the account names at the top of each picture! Each of these photos was taken by the name on the top left corner. Be sure to follow these lovelies, they have the sharpest style!]

♥ Krystin from Suburban Faux-Pas, paired her Lavadas with a bright dress and a Louis Vuitton bag. Go see how she combines classic style with fun twists on her fashion blog here!

Image One of my very favorite bloggers, Cait of Southern Curls and Pearls used her Lavadas as the perfect base for equally cheery pinks and golds. See more of her adorable style, health, and beauty tips on here blog here! (I can’t get enough of it.)

Image I love how Jennifer Foster kept her ensemble chic and nautical, letting her Lavadas be the sole sparkly statement.


 In my book, Lexanne Elizabeth figured out the perfect way to incorporate her Lavadas into a jean and cardigan ensemble. Her Instagram account has so many cute outfits that include Lavadas that it was hard to pick just one!

Image Lavadas gave classic navy stripes a fun twist in Addie Graham’s lovely outfit. I can’t get over what a cheery statement her green purse made!


I think these five ladies did the most splendid job of wearing their Lavadas! Don’t you?

I look forward to a full summer of fun in these shoes, and to seeing many more adorable outfits pop up with Lavadas as a staple! When planning your Lavada-accented outfit, I hope these 3 main pointers help!

1. Stay away from solid black.

Black Lavadas

I was raised with the mantra “Black plus brown makes a frown.” The heel strap of these sandals is a lovely tan, but that can easily clash with black. Go with denim or bright colors when it comes to these sandals.

2. Keep accessories simple.

Lavada Accessories

A huge part of the charm factor of these sandals is the glittery strap, which has enough sass to stand on it’s own. As much as I adore statement necklaces, consider simpler accessories when donning your Lavadas. The glittery gold will accentuate instead of compete!

3. Stick to a few main colors. 

Patterns Lavada

Summer is my favorite time to wear multi-color, intricate prints, but stay away from those when you want to break out your Lavadas. If you’ll notice above, the outfit’s put together by these five ladies included simpler patterns with only two or three main colors.

So there ya have it! If you haven’t already, hurry on over to your nearest Target to get your own pair, or click here to order online! If I know anything about Target, these needles in their haystack don’t stick around for long!

Do you adore these shoes? How do YOU style your Lavadas? I’m always on the lookout for cute new ideas!


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