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ONE   Tacky Christmas Sweater   |   TWO   Rudolf Mask   |   THREE   Candy Cane Earrings   |   FOUR   Christmas Leggings   |   FIVE   Tinsel Ballet Flats   |   SIX   Gold Glitter Polish   |   SEVEN   Red Tutu   |   EIGHT   Reindeer Ears

November! You’ve arrived!

My dismay over the sky darkening at the ungodly hour of 5pm these days is far surpassed by the joy I feel knowing Christmas is eight. Fridays. away. Can you believe it? In order to get you inspired and prepared for all of the festivities ahead, I’m bringing a new series to the blog called “‘Tis the Season.” We’ll be covering gift guides, outfit inspiration, and lots more! I can’t wait to take on this holiday season together.

I decided for our inaugural ‘Tis the Season post, we’d start with a staple of Christmas cheer – the tacky sweater party. I’ve already got those darling tinsel ballet flats added to my cart. Is it bad if I plan on wearing them in real life too?

While it may feel like we’re jumping the gun on Christmas cheer (is there even such a thing?) getting the ball rolling early on ensure for a stress-free season later on! And that’s worth it’s weight in gold, in my book. So let me know what type of guides you’d like to see this month! Whether it be for that tricky relative you have no idea how to shop for or winter beauty products to get you glam for holiday parties, I’m here to help!

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  1. Definitely no such thing as jumping the gun too early when it comes to Christmas!! Can’t wait to see more tis the season posts!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

    Published 11.3.15 · Reply
  2. nadin said:

    those shoes are so cool!

    Published 11.3.15 · Reply
  3. Sara Kate said:

    I hear ya girl! We put up or office Christmas tree yesterday and were jamming out to music the whole time. Such cute options! It’s so hard to find that balance between truly tacky and cute. Great choices!

    xo, Sara Kate Styling

    Published 11.3.15 · Reply
  4. Love those shoes! Literally got an invite for a tacky sweater party today so no time like the present to plan!


    Published 11.3.15 · Reply
  5. darlingdearestblog said:

    I think I would wear those leggings at times other than a tacky sweater party, so cute!!:)

    Published 11.3.15 · Reply
  6. Sadie Lee said:

    I HAVE TO HAVE THOSE LEGGINGS!! They are so freakin’ cute!!

    Published 11.3.15 · Reply
  7. Sabrina said:

    I would love love love to see an under $20-$50 gift guide! It seems like there’s so many people (hostesses, more casual friends, etc.) that I want to shop for but it’s hard to do cute and affordable for all the special people during this season.

    Published 11.4.15 · Reply
  8. Katie said:

    This is so cute! I am definitely excited for the start of the holiday season and I will use this in case of any tacky Christmas parties or events!


    Published 11.4.15 · Reply
  9. bets said:

    Love, love those flats!

    Please post ideas for a Yankee Swap gift exchange. My family does one every year as part of our annual cookie swap (combination ugly sweater contest) holiday party. This year the limit is set for $20.00. Looking for unique gift ideas outside of the typical candle, chocolate or wine inspired gifts.

    Published 11.4.15 · Reply
  10. Henry Larry said:

    Count me in for the tacky sweater party. Those tinsel ballet flats are a must have. Looking forward to more holiday guides to keep the festive spirit alive.
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    Published 5.13.24 · Reply