Sneaking In Spring

So here’s what I think: after December 25th, it should be spring. Leave it to Texas weather (and apparently everywhere else in the South) to dangle that dream right in front of our faces, and then snatch it away with a 30 degree drop in temperatures and some sleet thrown in for good measure. Well ya know what? I’m rebelling.

DSC_0192While still plenty warm thanks to my favorite fur snood and a dainty sweatshirt, I’m sneaking some spring into my step with white and a bit of bright pink.

A Lonestar State of SouthernThe combination proved to be fresh and bright enough to keep me from giving into the urge of throwing on a romper just for the heck of it.A Lonestar State of Southern

(I, along with all residents of Austin who would be permanently scarred at witnessing such a sight, count that as a major victory.)

A Lonestar State of Southern

And this bag… I, um, might have accidentally grabbed it out of my sister’s closet. (Good thing she never remembers to read my blog!) I’m already scheming how to sneak it out of Dallas and into Austin with me.

A Lonestar State of SouthernThese white Kendra Scott earrings I purchased last spring have turned out to be one of the best wardrobe investments I’ve made, as I can truly say I’ve worn them year round! (And she just released her new Atlantic collection… uh oh!)

A Lonestar State of Southern

As far as the lipstick goes, I didn’t even know how to apply it before coming to college… and bright pink certainly wasn’t anywhere on my radar. But after seeing this color in an Instagram from Ashley Cates, I simply had to give it a try. Safe to say it’s my new spring favorite!

A Lonestar State of Southern

Speaking of Ashley, I got to spend the most incredible Saturday with the most incredible group of bloggers this past weekend in Dallas. I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but for now see a sneak peak at our fun day here! (Hint… I’m sending you to the blog of one of the most adorable humans ever in existence. Fair warning.)

A Lonestar State of Southerntop (sold out, similar here) // bag // fur snood // earrings // jeans // shoes (sold out, similar here) // nail polish // lipstick

Wherever you are, I hope you’re staying warm! Hang-in there, spring really is just around the corner! (And now you have some fun ideas for faking it until then!)

Love from Texas,


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  1. You look adorable! I might need to buy this scarf ASAP!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    Published 1.28.14 · Reply
  2. I’m an Austin girl myself and am definitely not okay with hot/cold seesaw we’ve been on the past few weeks. But you make bundling up look so cute!

    Published 1.28.14 · Reply
  3. EkkK!! You looks all warm and cozy in this outfit lovey! Wish I had gotten to see you but told Caitlin to hug you a million times for me! Y’all looked like it was a blassst!!!! Miss your face, sweet one!

    Published 1.28.14 · Reply
  4. LOVEEE this and you!! Miss you alreadyyyy

    Published 1.28.14 · Reply
  5. My mom and I are both in love with your outfit. You look like a SUPERMODEL!!! Seriously, gimme some of that beauty!! Miss you so much and let’s start planning our next trip!! ;)

    Published 1.28.14 · Reply
  6. Courtney said:

    I love your outfit! Those heels are adorable :)

    Published 1.29.14 · Reply
  7. I am in LOVE with your entire outfit, especially that fur snood!
    I am having a giveaway on my blog- please stop by and enter!

    Published 1.29.14 · Reply
  8. Amanda said:

    I love how light and refreshing this outfit is! Very cute!

    xo Amanda

    Published 1.29.14 · Reply
  9. Meggie said:

    Love this outfit Kate! I’m totally with you on rebelling against the cold winter temperatures in favor of fun, spring looks :) Also- that shade of lipstick looks beautiful on you!!!

    Published 2.1.14 · Reply
  10. Courtney said:

    Love the fur snood and the heels!

    Published 2.1.14 · Reply
  11. You are such a cutie! I love the fur in this outfit!!

    Published 2.3.14 · Reply
  12. Olivia said:

    You are too cute! I wanted to ask, does the fur snood itch at all? It looks cute but worried it will itch, even the slightest. Let me know, thanks!!

    Published 2.4.14 · Reply
    • A Lonestar State of Southern said:

      Hi Olivia! No, it actually doesn’t one bit! It has a super soft silky liner, and the “fur” is very soft! Totally recommend it. Hope that hels and thanks for stopping by! :)

      Published 2.4.14 · Reply
  13. Hilary said:

    I absolutely love this look! And I agree, after Christmas Spring should just be right there waiting. And I love that bag! Isn’t that what sisters are for?! ;)


    Published 3.3.14 · Reply