recipe // my mimi’s penguin rolls

Traditionally, my mother is the one to create our family’s Thanksgiving feast… but the one job my sister and I always fight for? Making the penguin rolls!

Penguin rolls, more commonly referred to as my Mimi’s Herb Crescents, have been my favorite part of holiday meals ever since I was a little girl. These delicious little bites of warm, buttery goodness got their name from the vintage penguin bread warmer my grandmother used to keep them hot and at-the-ready on the dining room table. I still remember all of us cousins crowded around the kid table fighting over them!

They are simple, absolutely delicious, and the ultimate crowd pleaser. Plus, like my mother learned, they’re the perfect task to give kids who want to “help cook,” as they really are fool proof!

Having lost my sweet grandmother this fall, I am looking forward to making these, just as she did, every Thanksgiving for years to come. In a way, I know it will feel like she’s right at the table, reaching for her Penguin Rolls, with us. She was a marvelous cook, a loving mother and grandmother, and I am so thankful for every wonderful memory made around her delicious meals!


mimi’s penguin rolls




  • 1 stick salted butter, melted
  • 1 tablespoon dehydrated minced onion (in spice aisle)
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried dill weed
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried parsley flakes
  • 2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese (from bottle on shelf)
  • 1 can refrigerated crescent rolls




In a flat bowl, combine butter,r minced onion, dill weed, parsley flakes and Parmesan.

Cut screscent roll dough pieces in half lengthwise and dip in butter and herb mixture.

Roll into crescent shapes and bake 12 to 15 minutes at 400 degrees.


This Thanksgiving, Andrew and I will be here in Florida as opposed to with our families in Dallas for the very first time. As I’ve come to learn throughout the residency process, being on “call” isn’t the most desirable way to spend a holiday, but even so, I’ve already seen little blessings the Lord has given us in this change.

Two sweet friends here in Gainesville have invited us into their small Thanksgiving celebration, and having never been in a situation without Thanksgiving plans before, the invitation truly brought tears to my eyes. Mental note: extend the same hospitality in the future!

Even though this year will look different, as I know it will for many of us, I am so thankful for the blessing of friendships in new places, and perhaps even starting new traditions in this season of change. Oh, and penguin rolls of course! Wishing all of you a very, very happy Thanksgiving!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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  1. Drew said:

    Your post brought tears to my eyes! I lost my grandma this year, too, and am making her homemade rolls in her memory! We made them together for the first time last Christmas, and I’ve made them a few times since then. The first time I made them after she passed away this summer was tough as I wanted to call her to rejoice that I did it, but to also ask for her tips and tricks when I felt stuck! It’s an emotional journey to make their recipes without them, but I feel her love right next to me as I knead the dough and serve them as she would have. Have a great thanksgiving Kate, and always remember the love of your Mimi carries on in all you do!

    Published 11.25.20 · Reply
  2. Maureen said:

    I will need to make these! I don’t have crescent rolls though and the store was a zoo when I walked by earlier so I’m not brave enough to venture out today haha. I’m solo for Thanksgiving this year so I’m so grateful you had some friends extend an invitation to spend the holiday with them. Happy Thanksgiving :)

    Published 11.25.20 · Reply
  3. slitherio said:

    Wish you a Happy New Year.

    Published 2.1.21 · Reply
  4. Mita said:

    I always like to make different item of snacks.When I see this recipe Ifeel this recipe is wow. I think make it easily.Your recipe help me to make it.

    Published 6.8.24 · Reply