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Well, y’all, the craziness has begun! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, in all of it’s glory, has arrived in full force. Yippee!

I actually pulled an all-nighter on Thursday night to get everything linked and ready for y’all, so I didn’t even end up shopping the full sale online until last night after I had taken a few much-needed naps. :) And when I did, I was shocked to see that so many pieces were already sold and/or selling out.

Since I had already made a huge haul in-store, I focused on finding pieces online that I, personally, would plan on using and wearing all year long.

Y’all know I adore blogging, but one of the downsides is that shopping has, in a way, turned into more of a “job” than a “personal” thing for me. The vast majority of items I purchase these days has a pressure of “Is this piece something everyone would be interested in seeing?” So yesterday, I thought long and hard about what I, personally, wanted to have on-hand this fall/winter and went from there!

I surprised myself by ending up with a lot of great, neutral basics. A new pair of tennis shoes (since mine have gotten so dirty), a great new winter coat (since Dallas was so cold this past winter!), a second of my favorite bra (literally the best), a set of no-show socks for my new booties, etc. I can’t wait to get them in and tuck them away for the cold months ahead!

I’m so excited for (finally!) a weekend here in Dallas. I plan on sleeping in, catching up with a couple of friends and eating at my favorite restaurants. #priorities In the meantime, I’d love to know what type of content you’d like to see next week! More sale guides? Outfit posts? I’m all ears!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Jessica said:

    Hi! Love your blog! Would love to see a post about what to get your guy from the sale! <3

    Published 7.13.18 · Reply
  2. Love all your picks so far! I’m going to grab those no-show socks & the bra as well – they look like such great deals for quality pieces! I grabbed a bunch of stuff in-store yesterday and then woke up to an email that I earned a Nordy Note this morning…I guess that means it’s time to do more shopping! Thanks for all your coverage of this sale!

    Published 7.13.18 · Reply
  3. Allie said:

    What a great coat! I love sales like this for good basics. And aren’t the beauty product dealsamazingg! Charlotte Tilbury deals? Yes please!
    Happy Friday! xAllie

    Published 7.13.18 · Reply
  4. I love that coat! It’s looks so cute and simple but also super warm! :)

    Published 7.13.18 · Reply
  5. I’m so in love with those gold hoops that you mentioned; they must’ve already sold out-bummer! They really are perfect for every occasion though so maybe they’ll come back into stock!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

    Published 7.13.18 · Reply