new video // how to get out of a funk

Oh, it feels so good to type out this post! Friends, I found myself in quite the funk on Wednesday, and it inspired a new video! I can’t tell you how refreshing and fun it was to get back into filming. Take a look below and be sure to subscribe HERE so you never miss an upload!

I know funks are something we all find ourselves in from time to time. While these tips help me personally,  I’d love to hear how you deal when you find yourself in one, too!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Sasha said:

    I completely agree with all of these tips, Kate! I typically do the same things and they really do help. Like you said, everyone gets into those moods and its completely normal. I find I get myself into trouble when I try to “push” through them and force myself to continue with my daily routine (this makes the “funk” last longer than it should IMO).

    Published 8.10.18 · Reply
  2. Kate, you deserve much praise and respect for this helpful video and your equally helpful insight. Not all of us are at our best or having our best of days. Your advice is certainly helpful and appreciated. Much love to you on this one!

    Published 1.9.19 · Reply