navy eyelet pom pom jumpsuit


JUMPSUIT   navy eyelet pom pom jumpsuit   |   BAG   straw basket (removed the tassel)   |   SHOES   steve madden ankle strap wedges   |   EARRINGS   lisi lerch turquoise tassel earrings

The title of this post really says it all, doesn’t it?

Navy. Eyelet. Pom Pom. Jumpsuit. What’s not to love?!

If I’m being honest, for me it was initially the “jumpsuit” part. I think my height (5’2″) has kept me away from the jumpsuit trend we’ve seen over the past few months. For some reason, I’ve been so intimidated by it!

I think it also comes down to the actual jumpsuit designs I’ve seen. I’ve seen a couple of cute, well-done ones, I really haven’t cared for the majority I’ve seen.

That is until I came across the perfectly put-together jumpsuit of my dreams… this beauty. Not only is it comprised of classic, darling details (I love anything eyelet, and those pom poms? I mean, come on!) but it also comes in petite sizes as well as regular!

I finally gathered up my courage and ordered it. The 2 Petite gave me the proportions needed for a perfect fit, and now that I’ve found one that fits, I’m obsessed with the jumpsuit trend!

How about you? Do you love the jumpsuit or is it not for you?

Love from Texas,


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  1. Allie said:

    I’m generally not a jumpsuit person, but I really love this one! I think the eyelet and the off the shoulder silhouette makes it look really polished and not like a sleeveless parachute uniform. I love the fridge too!

    Published 5.10.18 · Reply
  2. Original, beautiful and super elegant jumpsuit! And the wedges are perfect to go with it!

    Published 5.10.18 · Reply
  3. Marianna said:

    Not normally a jumpsuit type gal, but this one looks great!

    Published 5.10.18 · Reply
  4. Ashley said:

    I love jumpsuits when I see other people wearing them but have been too nervous to try one on myself. I keep telling myself to just go for it! I love this one!!


    Published 5.10.18 · Reply
  5. briana said:

    This is adorable! Love the navy paired with your cute blue earrings.

    briana |

    Published 5.11.18 · Reply
  6. Angela said:

    I love that jumpsuit! It looks so good on! The pom poms are the best part!

    Angela | Cue the Coffee

    Published 5.11.18 · Reply
  7. Kelsey said:

    This jumpsuit is so cute! I’m really short too and I have always been a little nervous about trying jumpsuits but I should try this one!
    Xo, Kelsey |

    Published 5.13.18 · Reply
  8. Katie said:

    A petite romper!! It’s adorable! That’s a great idea and also something I rarely seen done! They also need to have rompers come in tall because the shorts are always wayyyyy to short on me.

    Katie |

    Published 5.13.18 · Reply
  9. Such a gorgeous jumpsuit, I love the pom poms! :)

    Published 7.6.18 · Reply
  10. Henry Larry said:

    Kate your enthusiasm for the jumpsuit trend is infectious. I am inspired to give it a try after reading your experience with finding the perfect fit. The navy eyelet pom pom jumpsuit sounds like a dream come true.
    Pool Safety Services in Norwalk CT

    Published 4.17.24 · Reply