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As much as I love color in nearly every aspect of my life, nail polish hues have never been something I’ve gone crazy with. In fact, as boring as it sounds, I’ve become loyal to a few select hues that both flatter my fair skin tone and blend in perfectly with endless ensembles and outfit combinations over the years.

That’s why I’m a nearly year-long Fiji by Essie lover. This pale pink hue is one I keep gravitating towards, as it creates an elegant, clean, bright, and pretty nail. I don’t know what it is, but it’s amazing on every skin tone and always leaves me delighted I decided on it.

But when cooler months roll around, pink, even a pale pink, feels a bit too bright. That’s why I’m excited to share my absolute favorite fall hue with you today, one that delivers in every way Fiji does, but in a autumn-appropriate manner. Friends, meet…



by Essie

I’ve actually been talking about this shade here and there since it’s debut back in the fall of 2017. But as I get more and more DMs about my nail colors, I figured this gem deserved a blog post of its own!

I stumbled upon it on a trip to Target and was pleasantly shocked at how it was the exact shade I didn’t know I needed. Since I’m naturally pale, beige and nude nail polishes often end up being darker than my skin tone… not necessarily a bad thing, but not the look I love, either.

In my experience, nail polish colors that are lighter than your skin tone are most flattering.

Mixtaupe by Essie delivers that subtle, nude, universally flattering color and if you haven’t tried it yet, I think you’re in for a wonderful surprise!

But here’s the bad news… it’s no longer available on the Essie website, which makes me think they’re no longer producing this perfect shade. I wouldn’t rely on your local nail salon to carry this color, either. Instead, grab it here or here while it’s still available and keep it on hand next time you head in for a manicure!

Here are a few inspiration photos so you can see Mixtaupe on.

sources: amazon, essie envy, the fashion court, nail that accent

Since it looks like I may need a new go-to fall hue soon, I’d love to know what your favorite polish colors are! Do you lean more towards light neutrals or bold accents?

Love from the Sunshine State,


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  1. This color is so pretty! I love simple neutral nail colors – especially for the fall!

    Published 9.11.20 · Reply
  2. Kelly said:

    I’m typically a strawberry margarita girl, as pale pinks make me look even more translucent. However, I have been loving Essie’s Hi Maintenance as its a great neutral pale pink that doesn’t wash my hands out. Also, I have great luck finding nail polishes no longer in production on Ebay if you ever need to hunt some down!

    Published 9.11.20 · Reply
  3. ncpen said:

    Love the color! You should try ‘Wild Nude’ from Essie!

    Published 9.13.20 · Reply
  4. Thank you for this article; Informative and very helpful. I have been painting my nails for at least 50 years. Over the past year I have become hypersensitive to many brands of polishes. After reading this article I am fairly confident that this will work for me.

    Published 10.22.22 · Reply