wedding wednesday no. 5 // our color palette

Hip hip hooray, it’s another Wednesday! After getting you all caught up last week on where Andrew and I are in terms of planning, I thought it would be fun to share an actual real, concrete detail of the day. Our color scheme!

You’ve already read about the three words I’m using to describe the look and feel of our wedding, so I think this little detail is going to help you visualize it even more fully!

Now, hold onto your seats, because I’m sure this is going to shock you. The color scheme we’ve landed on for our June wedding?


(I told you… groundbreaking, right?! :)

There are a lot of ways you can go in terms of bringing pink into a wedding, so I created a bit of an inspiration board so you can see more of what I mean.

I’m dreaming of sweet, light pinks mixed with subtle pops of happy, light greens and plenty of whites to create a look that reads more early-summer than Valentine’s day gone wrong. (You should have heard me at every florist appointment thus far… “We really want to stay away from white and hot pink polka dots everywhere.”)

Andrew’s thoughts on this feminine shade? “Whatever you want to do!” I think he’s biding his time for the final say in terms of the menu and song selections. Smart kid. :)

(One thing to note – while you’ll find things like pink shoes, pink invitations, even pink china below, they’re simply there to create some inspiration for the shades of and combinations of pink that I’m loving. That doesn’t mean we’re using all of these literal elements in our day!)

If the board above doesn’t scream “June wedding,” I don’t know what does! Doesn’t it feel so happy and bright? I smile everytime I look at this collage. That’s exactly the feeling I’m going for, so I’m so excited to be incorporating my favorite color into our day.

Let me be the first to say that I initially considered an all-white wedding. Even white bridesmaid dresses! If you’ve been to an all-white wedding you know. It’s just stunning. Stunning, elegant, timeless, the list goes on!

But as I really started to think through how I wanted others to experience the day, and how I wanted to experience it myself, I realized I wanted it to be personal and very representative of Andrew and I.

Since it’s no secret that I’ve always loved color, especially pink, and since June seemed so perfect for the hue, it didn’t take me long for me to shift gears to this oh-so-pretty color scheme!

Now, nothing involving color has really been finalized, so we’ll see where this initial stab at a color palette takes us and how much/little we choose to incorporate, as well as where we choose to incorporate it. But it’s so fun being able to actually dream about the day in color, and I hope it makes it a bit more real for you as well!

Now I want to know… if you’re married, what colors did you use in your wedding?? And if not, what’s the prettiest wedding color scheme you’ve ever seen?

Love from Texas,


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