lilly pulitzer after party sale dates 2019

I have some fun news to share, y’all. The Lilly Pulitzer team is letting me spill the juice EARLY! Here are the dates for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 2019!


September 9 – September 11


Monday @ 8am EST – Wednesday @ 11:59pm EST


Year after year, this continues to be one of the sales I most look forward to! In order to make sure you’re best prepared, here are some helpful tips regarding the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 2019.


Best Tips


  • SET UP AN ACCOUNT NOW // Crucial, y’all. Having an account allows you to click “purchase” right away and not spend precious seconds inputting your shipping and payment details. When it comes to shopping this sale, time is of the essence. Things sell out literally in the blink of an eye, so you save valuable seconds! Click HERE to make yours.
  • PREPARE // Get up early, make sure you’re signed into your account, and start refreshing the Lilly Pulitzer page during the 5-10 minutes leading up to the sale. That way, you’re guaranteed to get in the earliest line position as possible!
  • DON’T FRET // As in years past, the Lilly team has confirmed with me that there will be a virtual waiting line to access the sale. This allows everyone to shop without the site crashing. I know it can be discouraging to be #314523 in line, but hang tight and don’t worry. It usually moves pretty fast!
  • USE FILTERS // Once you enter the sale, you’ll see that you can filter the results by different criteria. The first thing I recommend you do is to filter by your size. I’ve wasted time in the past by failing to do this, and clicking on lots of items only to see my size wasn’t available. Lesson learned! You can also use this for prints.
  • CHECK OUT, YOU’RE OUT // Keep in mind that once you check out, you lose your spot in line. I made the mistake last year of finding one item I  loved and checking out right away for fear that it would sell out if I didn’t. I didn’t realize that kicked me out of the site! I had to get back in line and wait another hour before shopping the rest of the sale.
  • ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE // Do keep in mind that you can’t return any purchases from the sale. That’s why I recommend going to a Lilly Pulitzer store and taking note of your size in different styles… for example, I wear a 00 in Lilly Pulitzer dresses and a 2 in Lilly Pulitzer skirts and shorts. This ensures you’ll get a size that fits!
  • WILL NEW STYLES WILL BE CONTINUALLY ADDED // YES! The Lilly Team has shared with me that there will be two drops of new sale items during the sale, one on Tuesday September 10th and one on Wendesday September 11th!


Sneak Peek


Sneak Peek Styles // Monday, September 9th



Sneak Peek Styles // Tuesday, September 10th


I had the best experience with the last Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale, and ended up grabbing items for my honeymoon! Here’s a peek at one of the swimsuits I brought along with me.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to experience the sale this year with y’all! Let me know if there’s anything in particular you have your eye on, and don’t forget to share this post with all of your fellow Lilly Pulitzer lovers!

In the meantime, be sure to check out their cute new arrivals. So many pieces I’m drooling over!


Love from the Sunshine State,


P.S. If you’re curious what to expect, check out the many Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale posts I’ve created here! Let me know if you’d like to see another YouTube video this year, and if so, exactly what you’re looking for!

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  1. Ellen Vance said:

    Appreciate the tips! So I understand that you don’t want to check out early to ensure getting an item and to save your place in line but how long things can stay in your cart before you lose them?

    Published 9.4.19 · Reply
    • Giuli said:

      You won’t know if you lost it or not until you checkout :( Items are not reserved for any time at all when you put them in your cart

      Published 9.6.19 · Reply
  2. Alex said:

    Yes to another YouTube video! So helpful!

    Published 9.4.19 · Reply
  3. I am so excited to head to the store this weekend! I prefer shopping in stores rather than online for final sale items. Do they have the same selection of items in store as they do online? I can’t wait to see your YouTube haul girl.

    Juliana Grace |

    Published 9.4.19 · Reply
  4. So much great information! I cannot wait to shop this sale. Thanks Kate!

    Published 9.5.19 · Reply
  5. Giuli said:

    Yes to another video! I will be in Ireland on those dates so I’d love to preview shift dresses, solid dresses and patterns featured in the APS. Thank you!!!

    Published 9.6.19 · Reply
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