latest & greatest vol. 71

The hottest topic at the Halloween party I attended Wednesday night? The appropriate time to start celebrating Christmas.

I know I may gain quite a few enemies when I share my conviction with you right now… but y’all, jingle jingle all the way!

I used to be a staunch supporter of no Christmas until after Thanksgiving but realized the Christmas season flew by all too quickly. A girl just needs more time to sing Mariah Carrey, amirite?!

All that to say, I’m so excited to start heralding in Christmas cheer, and would love to know what types of Christmas content you’d like to see around here! Gift guides? Holiday dresses? Let me know in the comments below!

What I do know is that I’m racing off to the mall today to pick up my favorite lip formula in this gorgeous red. There’s nothing more festive than a red lip in my opinion, and I can’t wait to try this shade out!

I wanna hear it… when do you start celebrating Christmas?!

Love from Texas,


Join in on the fun!


  1. Ashley said:

    I start celebrating a few days into November because I want to be able to enjoy my Christmas decorations before I go home for winter break and it makes the college finals season a little more cheerful!

    Ashley |

    Published 11.2.18 · Reply
  2. Kelly said:

    My husband won’t let me play Christmas music when he’s in earshot until after Thanksgiving (admittedly, it does get a little old if it’s played for two months straight), but we used to decorate mid-November when we had holiday travel plans because we otherwise never got to enjoy it! Now that all our family is back here in Tennessee, we’ll probably wait until post-Thanksgiving Saturday to put up our tree and front porch garland, but I’m getting a little giddy thinking about it all. I really want to streamline and “grownupify” my decorations since we’ve held onto everything we’ve accumulated since before marriage and our six years in, and a lot of things just aren’t our taste anymore. CLASSIC + TIMELESS = the way to go. Christmas clutter is still clutter! But I am greatly looking forward to all kinds of Christmas content to read — everything! Cookie recipes, traditions, gift guides, dresses and holiday party attire, entertaining tips, all the things. I also love seeing how to incorporate PINK into Christmas decor and you oughta be the queen of that! (Pink + red are theeeee best together.) As a girl mom of toddlers who are going to really get into Christmas this year, I think there’ll be a whoooole lot of sugarplum fairy-esque decorating around these parts!

    Published 11.2.18 · Reply
  3. Megan said:

    I want those boots so bad.

    Published 11.2.18 · Reply
  4. Lauren said:

    Give me all the gift guides! ;)

    Published 11.2.18 · Reply
  5. Liv said:

    Great round up!


    Published 11.2.18 · Reply
  6. Southern & Style said:

    I’m with you-bring on the Christmas! Also, as for gift guides-I would love to see some original ideas for men; my husband is SO difficult to buy for because he doesn’t have any real hobbies so some things for the man that has everything would be awesome…maybe even have Andrew guest post for a men’s gift guide?

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

    Published 11.10.18 · Reply
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