latest & greatest vol. 43

As I type this, I’m on round six of listening to Taylor Swift’s new “Call It What You Want” on repeat. So yep, I think this weekend is off to a great start. (Real talk – what do you think of the new song? I love it!)

It’s been a busy week around here, with a fun weekend ahead! Today I’m heading down to Austin for my cousin’s wedding, which I’ve been looking forward to all week! Another thing I’ve been looking forward to? The 3.5-hour road trip with my parents… those of you who have seen them on Insta Stories know they are hilarious!

I still can’t believe we’re already into November, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t embracing the new month wholeheartedly! Yes… that does mean I’ve broken out the Michael Buble Christmas CD. ‘Tis the season, in my book! :)

You can definitely tell from today’s roundup of the cutest new arrivals to hit the web that retailers are feeling the same way. Lots of bundle-up-worthy pieces this week! Here are a few that didn’t fit into the collage:

Wishing you a wonderful, restful weekend friends! Thanks for stopping by today!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Ashley Corcoran said:

    I LOVE the new Taylor Swift song as well! Not going to lie, I was starting to get nervous that her entire album would sound like the song “Gorgeous”, but “Call It What You Want” calms my nerves haha! I am excited for the album to drop!

    Published 11.3.17 · Reply
  2. Allie said:

    I love Kate Psade pjs, there’s something so wonderful about slipping on the cutest pjs after a long day. Also, I heard a great interview with the founder of Nest on the fat mascara podcast if anyone is interested. xxAllie

    Published 11.3.17 · Reply
  3. Sophie said:

    I love the beanie! The pom pom is so cute!

    Published 11.4.17 · Reply
  4. Nora said:

    Dear Kate,

    can you do a cozy Christmas PJ post? I’d love to find some really good quality, awesome looking PJs before christmas, preferably from brands who ship to Europe, since I’m living there ;) I feel like it hard to find cozy PJs that aren’t looking like child pyjamas.

    Best wishes,

    Published 11.7.17 · Reply
    • The above shared artricle is really very good, it helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing.

      Published 11.8.17 · Reply