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BOOTS   koolaburra kinslei boots (wear buttoned up or folded down)

When it comes to my wardrobe, you can easily tell what I love most just by looking in my closet. I have more than a few pink dresses hanging one after the other, a neat stack of classic white tees folded on the shelf, and on the floor? A row of my favorite, furry Koolaburra boots!

It’s no secret around here that I love love love these boots, and today I’m excited to be partnering with Koolaburra to show you my new favorite winter style… the Kinslei!

Do you remember the Victoria boots I posted about earlier this fall? Y’all know I can’t resist a good bow, and the cute detailing along the sides of these boots have made them a pair I’ve worn all autumn long.

I should have probably stopped myself right there, but when I saw these adorable Kinslei boots from Koolaburra, and how you can wear them both buttoned up or folded down, I couldn’t resist. They had to come along, too! Blame it on the button detailing of these cuties. During winter, I love a fun fur statement and couldn’t be more obsessed with how festive these look unbuttoned and folded over.

I always get questions about Koolaburra boots and let me tell you. The quality is amazing, and they’re just as comfortable and cozy as any I’ve owned! They’re also priced at just under $100, which makes them a fabulous option for yourself, or for gifting to others this Christmas! As for sizing, I order one size up from my usual for a perfect fit!

I know, I know… I should seriously stop myself now. Three pairs of Koolaburra boots should be plenty for anyone, right? But I have a sneaky feeling I’m not done yet. I may have to add these slippers to my collection, or at least say I’m getting them for my sister this Christmas and accidentally keep for myself instead? :)

Love from Texas,


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